Haul of My Favourites!

Not going to blog about event or travel today, I am going to share some good stuffs that I've purchased recently! Speaking of these, I would be more excited than anyone! :D

The first thing I want to share is something that I like it very much and a lot of friends have been asking where to purchase it! It's a wadrobe mirror! 

Ahem, pardon my messy room!
It's a beautiful british style mirror right? I chose my favourite color, white!
It's not only a mirror

See! Part of my accessories! It's a wadrobe for accessories

Am I terrible to have these accessories? I think girls are like that! 

Bracelets or necklaces are hanged beautifully here! Love it so much!

Second stuff is something that mostly girls know it.

ADR: Anna Dello Russo from H&M

Bracelet that I've purchased
Part of the reason I purhased it is because of the pretty box lol

Anyone heard of Fauchon before? It's a French gourment food company in Paris. They are famous of sweets, chocolates, teas including macarons! I bought a pretty good bag of it from Kinokuniya a month ago and I love it! I find that Kinokuniya always is a good place to discover good stuffs! 

Basically it's a multi-purpose bag and it looks so trendy!

Superb quality even though it is just below 100

Another thing that I would like to share about is bra bag, I think many of you have seen it before? 

Bought it from bkk two months ago
Suitable for travel used!

For those who take care of their brassiere, I recommend you this!
Everytime when I pack, I feel sorry for my bras because they tend to arrive dented, so I think it's a savior of my bras? Haha!

Can put panties inside too

The most favourite stuff that I've got, Sony Nex F3!

 Recent pictures all taken by Nex F3, a lot of my friends are now Sony Nex F3 family too!
Anyone want me to do a review of it? 

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