I just did my very first huge change to my hair! Always wanted to try on dip dye but I worried about my hair would damage (for sure) and my hair would be chop off after that. But few days ago I went to mid valley's 76style looked for my hair stylist, Steve. I requested to cut till shoulder length, but then I was thinking it could be fun to try dip dye once since I am going to chop it off! 

Say hi to Steve! 

So here's the outcome! 

My pony tail looks like unicorn's hair now hehe

Hair do by Steve too! 

Love it seriously!

If any of you want to get a hair makeover or haircut, look for Steve in Mid Valley's Number76style! He's good at hair cut and hair dye! ;)

You may view their fans page's album to look for the workpiece by him too!

What's your opinion?