Halloween The Beginning (Finale) 2012

This year Halloween party was the second Halloween party that I've joined. It was a very last minute decision and babe Karen rented our costumes from a shop on that day. The Halloween party was organized by Jagermeister, supported by Carlsberg Malaysia at Carcosa Seri Negara, KL. I went there once for commercial ads shooting before and that place was actually freak me out! Firstly it was the road entering Carcosa Seri Negara, narrow and dark. Second was the building, it was an ancient architectural building. So I was thinking it would be more fun and scarier having Halloween party there? 

(Picture credit: Andy Kho from MHB)

Guess! Which character I was acting on that day? For those who have been following my instagram and subscribed to my facebook, you'd know! Oh yeah, instagram is on web now, faster follow me for more updates on http://instagram.com/chenellewen ! :D

Karen and yours truly

Yes! I am a zombie cop!
Zombie cop should be very sexy and creepy but neither I got lol!

The place was decorated with all scary props.

 Tim, MHB founder

 Selca after the professional make-up artist did the creepy bloody make-up on my face!

Bumped into my pretty lady, Anjill!

 He looks more funny instead of scary! lol

 Yeah! This is what I am saying! Sexy and creepy!

 Ashley, Karen, yours truly

 I noticed people at that night like to upstage in our pictures when they're wearing the costumes or masks! haha!

 See! Another one! Hahahah!

There were so many people at that night! And almost everyone was wearing creepy costume!

Mad Sally was there to rock the party!

I've seen a few creepy costumes that really scared me! Impressed by their works! 

Pictures taken by Andy Kho.

 Candid shot

How was your Halloween night? Hunt or be hunted?

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