Ladurée & Jacques Genin, Paris

I supposed everyone heard of Ladurée before, What is Ladurée famous of? Do you know that the world's best macaron is the creation of Ladurée? Anyone who happen to travel to Paris definitely would drop by Ladurée store to try out their famous macaron, including myself! As I mentioned on last Paris post, Ladurée Champs-Élysées was under renovation so I went to the store which is at rue Royale early in the morning as we didn't have much time. Read my first Paris post and you will know why. 

Ladurée 16 Royale

yours truly just-woke-up-face

There were a lots of customers already in the morning, I thought usually people would only have their high-tea session at Ladurée haha. And to be honest, the servers were being quite impolite to us, probably because too many customers? I don't know. So I only have few pictures here. 

To me I don't eat sweet food early in the morning, but we didn't have much time left,
so I ordered some macarons to try out.
One world to describe, bravo! 

The store is selling Ladurée merchandise as well and I've grabbed myself some cute stuffs! 

 Ladurée notebook and keychain

You may not want to miss their fantastic page!

After Ladurée, we straight away went to visit another well-known store in Paris, Jacques Genin. Jacques Genin is a famous chocolate and caramel maker in Paris. 

 I don't think I can stuff myself more desserts,
so we only ordered two pastries.

Éclair au Chocolat
I saw from trip advisor many people ordering this!   
The richness of the chocolate is awesome!  Definitely a nice one!

 Mille feuille, another famous pastry from Jacques Genin.

 Can you see the layers of the puff pastry? 
It's so crunchy and kind of hard to eat it without crumble it!
Love it paired with vanilla!

Stay tune for my next post? ;)

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  1. Hi,how much u bought the macaroon key chain :)?

  2. This was a really great contest and hopefully I can attend the next one. It was alot of fun and I really enjoyed myself..

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