de Jouer Debut

On the 1st of November, something big was coming to town! de Jouer, does this brand seemed unfamiliar to you? Eclatbrands Sdn Bhd announced its new e-commerce website,,  together with the debut of de Jouer at The Venue, Pavilion, KL. For your information, de Jouer is a new line of inner wear for Malaysian women, and you can purchase it through online now! 

Why de Jouer offers intimate apparel online? Hew Kok Seng, Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Eclatbrands explained, they wish to provide a comfortable shopping way for women, so that women can purchase intimate apparels at their home and having their own space to shop de Jouer. Besides, de Jouer targets on the women aged 18 and above to shine with confidence with its line of sensuous bras and panties. 

 Outfit of the night
Black jumpsuit from Adore online shop
YSL clutch

My partner of the night, sherlyn.

I found de Jouer sounds interesting and feminine to me, so I googled it. Turned out de Jouer, in French, means 'to play', it is synonymous with confidence and self-assurance.

de Jouer served refreshments to the guests during the show. Love the macarons very much!

 Diana, Jane, yours truly, Karen

Diana, Povy, yours truly

Fashion show started with girls walking out with lively and enthusiastic one by one!

There are five series of design that de Jouer presenting for the festive seasons, which are beSeductive, Tres Tres Chic, beFlirty, OMG!!! and de Jouer besics.

beSeductive is a range of dazzling push-up bras, curve-hugging panties and thongs. The push-up bras have little eyelets that master the art of subtlety while the super soft padding gives the amazing lift. Designed with super smooth lace fabric and contrast piping, the convertible beSeductive push-up bras are one of the infinite ways to garner deserving attention. The curve-hugger panties and thongs are great compliments to the bras!

 One of the gorgeous models wearing beSeductive bra.

Tres Tres Chic consists of a range of unpadded demi bras that conform to the body curves with incredible comfort. Made with little eyelets, contrasting piping and sexy sheen, the ordinary looking bras that exude extraordinary grace make a perfect pick for attires with low neckline.

Elegant model is wearing Tres Tres Chic bra.

beFlirty is a range of padded bras with soft touch cup lining, padded straps, and brushed fabric for a flirty shine and all-day comfort. Finished with a slight touch of lace, beFlirty range makes a great fit for low-cut necklines and body hugging outfits. The semi-lace thongs in this range are available in both subtle and striking colors.

beFlirty bra.

OMG!!! is a daring range of multi-way bra's design with plush padding, giving one that much desired cleavage and lift. This range will soon become an essential compliment for that gorgeous and wild low neckline outfits. The lacy panties will full coverage in the series are equally teasing too.

OMG!!! bra.

deJouer: Basics features a series of daily bras moulded with an inner frame that hugs the body contour's and give exceptional support. The only series without underwires, the push-up bras still give you that sexy and confident lift. There are also thongs within the series that are made for day-to-day comfort. 

She's wearing basics bra.
This pic is perfect if her eyes are open. hehe


Show you some professional pictures that captured by Andy Kho, our MHB photograher.

Love her hair, should I dye this color?

Group picture of MHB, do like our MHB page!
The door gift they gave us, pink bear! So cute right?
And also the complimentary pictures taken by deJouer's photographers.
Credit to the photographer for this picture.
Yesterday morning, I received the complimentary bra and panty set by de Jouer. What a surprise! Like the basics design. I am tempting to get other design too seriously! 

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