Bangkok Trip Part 1

Bangkok is a heaven for girls who love shopping! I am in love with bangkok since the first trip I went there in August this year, even booked the January air ticket with my friends and going to shopping again before Chinese New Year, yay! Speaking of bangkok (bkk), I bet most of you have been there before? Because it is our neighbouring country and it is one of the world's top tourists destination cities. I am going to blog about the first day of bkk trip and share with you which hotel I was staying in. For those who are going to bangkok soon, do read my post! :)

Taking Malaysia airlines as it was just hundred ringgits away compared with Air Asia airlines. 

Resting at premium lounge before the flight.

 Yet, the desserts and drinks are somewhat awful.


Too bad did not have time to have a high-tea here, new Harrods cafe.

Sawaddee Krup! Reached Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport! 

On our way went to hotel by cab, the first thing I saw in bkk was massive jam along the roads.

 Physical fatigue

 See my luggage is too big can't even put in the boot haha!

Can see those pretty faces everywhere *eyeskeeplooking*

After few hours jamming, reached our destination! Even we spent hours on jam, but the taxi metre costed around RM30 only. It was so so cheap compared with the amount we spent on Rome! Which was RM800! :( The hotel was hard to find, even the cab driver didn't even know how to get there. Fortunately the hotel was being kind enough, they uploaded a guide on their page, taught the way how to get to their hotel by any transport, and even uploaded a thai version guide to let us show to the cab driver! So clever right? 

So this is the hotel that I am staying, Budacco hotel

Don't you love the color mixture of this hotel?

The front desk was very kind, they welcomed us with hot towels and local drinks and greeted us with warm smiles. I'd seen quite a lot of malaysians or singaporeans staying in this hotel.

Seriously I love this hotel very much, because mostly are main in white color! which is my all-time-favourite color!

This is my hotel room, we pick the oriental type, which is in pink color only. They are having deluxe type and executive suites too. Deluxe rooms have other colors for you to choose such as blue, green, yellow or purple and there are 41 rooms for deluxe type. While there are only 6 rooms for oriental type which is my favourite room, and there is only a room for executive suite. Surprisingly, the prices between the types don't have big contrast, the most expensive executive suite also costs around RM300 only. My oriental room costs around RM200++. So I think I would choose to stay at executive suite if there is a chance to go with my boyfriend again! ;)

For those pink lovers, I bet you would scream out once you enter the room!

Everything is in pink and white, I can feel the warmth and I love theme hotel very much! I would prefer hotel room with unique interior design than the usual classy and costly one.

Even though it doesn't have bathtub for this room, but the bathroom is acceptable, at least it is clean and white. hehe

Make-up desk.

 Besides, they are so kind enough to have a safety tips in the room for the tourists so that we can read through it once we reach their hotel before we head out to explore! *sosweet*

 This is the free tours from the hotel. I think most of the hotels have it and we have picked two complimentary tours since this is my first time to bkk!

 Another good thing is they have free wifi service here! 

 Google google and upload hotel picture on instagram before heading out! :D

Since I am sharing my hotel to you, I am gonna share with you the dining place they have for our complimentary breakfast as well on the next day!
 How could you not have breakie when there is a nice place and nice food prepared well by kitchen for you every morning?

 One thing I love about their breakfast is, they serve different breakfast everyday! The four days I was staying I had chinese fried rice, western english breakfast, and so on! Some were remained everyday such as salads, cereals and milk, toasts...

However, I dislike the alley that has to pass through to the hotel. It's not very dark and dangerous, but I feel kind of worried everytime when I passed through the alley. So I would suggest any of you going to stay at this hotel, tag along 2 or 3 girl friends or guy friends for your safety.

Going out but the sky is getting dark.

Bkk roads are always full of car. I've no idea why, perhaps the car is too cheap?

Had our dinner at nearby food stalls.

A must-have drink in Thailand, coconut drink.

And must-have food, Tomyam! 

Went to central world and walked around. Didn't managed to walk many places as it was already night time. So we spent our little time exploring central world mall.

Had our Indian supper at the opposite of the hotel.

End of the first day in bkk! 

Of the Budacco Hotel, you can log onto their website to know more details. Hope it helps! ;)

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  1. No wonder I cant find last night, I keep looking at the girls posts. Hahahahaha!! Wookays, put the pink room in my list.

    Thanks for replying me on fb message ya!! <3

  2. Hi! Would you recommend Budacco Hotel or Grand Alpine hotel more? :)