HK short trip: Baby cafe & Agnes b. cafe

Had a short trip to Hong Kong after came back from Europe few months ago. Sad thing about the trip was I didn't manage to capture many pictures and all photos in my iPhone had lost. :( Fortunately, I still have some on my instagram, so I am gonna blog about the two must-go cafes if you happen to visit to Hong Kong! 

First would be Baby cafe which is opened by Angelababy, my idol! *lovelove*

Blurry picture taken from my instagram

Due to the time travelled was few months ago, and I didn't manage to take many pictures, I've lost all the memory there and I couldn't recall the food name! lol I remembered we had to queue up and get number to enter the cafe. You could imagine how famous Angelababy is. *impressed*

baby menu

 unique design of the cafe

Interior of the cafe surrounded by baby's pictures *so blessed*

My favourite dessert! Forgot its name but I remembered it was super yummy!

Second cafe is Agnes b. cafe in K11 mall.

The only food picture lol
Desserts were delicious and the rose tea latte if I am not mistaken, was superb!

That's all for the food posts. Forgive me for not telling the details! Will go again and do a proper food post on it! :)


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