Talika Lipocils Launch

Last week attended Talika Lipocils Launch with Karen which held at Zebra Square, KL. Anyone heard of Talika before? I saw their product before on magazine and I thought it's not available in Malaysia, now only I knew they have it in Malaysia! They were launching a new duo eyelash growth and mascara, Talika Lipocils & Black. 

Small description of Talika: 
Talika has developed since 1948, creating products that perfectly suit women's needs. Talika was started at the opthalmologic department of the famous Paris hospital, Hopitaux de Paris. Doctor Danielle Roches has developed an anti-bacterial cream with plants extracts to help cure people suffering from face and eyes burns due to war casualties. Surprisingly the lashes of her patients regrow quickly and dramatically. And this is the birth of Lipocils.

Talika not only focuses on eye care, it develops hand care and nail care as well. All products are clinically tested by a team of dermatologists at hospitaux Paris Pitie-Salpetriere. President of Talika, Alexis de Brosses tells that the vision of his company is to propose products that are developed with full respects to Nature and to customers. He aims to make the women who used the Talika products happier and more serene in life.

Outfit of the day
Topshop knittop 
Beaded shorts from coupderobes (I sounds like their fans almost every piece is from them HAHA!)
Heels from online shop
Balenciaga giant city silver hardware bag

Babe Karen

At Zebra Square

The hall was decorated with greenery and black&white.

Lipocils products from Talika

Lipocils first treatment eyelash cream 
Lipocils repackaged product
Lipocils expert which stimulates eyelash growth, intensifies natural pigmentation and enhance curl.

Today, they are talking about the new product, Lipocils & Balck.

She's giving talk about Lipocils & Black

Four challengers share their opinions and feelings about the Lipocils eyelash growth expert.

All the guests were able to try on the new duo mascara after the talk. They even presented us the heat curler and the Lipocils &Black. yay!

This is our before picture without mascara or fake lashes on. 
Still looking fine because we put on our eyeliners! hahaha!

Super zoom lol
Can even see my skin condition 

 Everyone is busy busy putting on mascara
I wonder does anyone actually take a look at the girl's expression while she is doing make-up? Try pay attention at yourself next time when you're doing make-up and you probably would laugh at yourself! Hahaha!
Girls should stay pretty too while doing make-up!

And finally! My result! Not bad huh, still can improve because I was too nervous! It lengthened and volumized my eyelash *likelike!* hehe

Lipocils grows the lashes longer and healtheir while Black gives the lashes instant allure.

Later on, they prepared dinner to all the guests at the outside of the hall.

 Appetizer, grilled eggplant salad with garlic dressing

 Main course, grilled fish served with mashed potato and dills cream sauce

Dessert, chilled apricot cheese cake

Enjoyed our dinner!

I think my eyes look brighter with Talika mascara perhaps? haha!

After the event, I googled search about the information. I actually wish to try on the Talika light duo as I mentioned cause it looks amazing! And I also wish to try on their eyebrow extender. Go visit their fans page to find out more! :)

Talika Malaysia


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