D's Birthday Dinner at Cilantro, KL

My boyfriend's birthday falls on 24th of September which is same as my elder brother. September is always my favourite month as it's my three beloveds' big day, including mummy! :) Last month, to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday, we had a dinner at Cilantro, Micasa Hotel. Cilantro is a french-japanese cuision restaurant. My boyfriend and I loved the fusion of french and japanese!

It was a last-minute decision because at first I was planning to go La Vie En Rose but it was closed. Blame on me for didn't research properly :(

The restaurant was smaller than I expected, need to make a reservation for dine in. Luckily we managed to get a table for dinner. Owing to the time, we could only had the main course. I am so bad! Next time will plan everything properly and organized! 

So our meal started with the complimentary breads with truffle butter. The breads were somehow ordinary, but the truffle butter tasted good! 

Here comes our main course. 

 My bf's selection
Sable with Qwehli Prawns
Look at the essence, it tasted better than its look!

My selection
Fedellini Pasta with Scampi
To be honest, I don't know how to peel prawn's shell since young, any types of prawns.
However I removed the scampi's shell easily and beautifully myself. lol!
And the meat of the scampi was yummy!

My boyfie! *love*

I think I'd visit Cilantro again and do a proper review about it. After dinner we went to chill out at rooftop bar, G tower. 

Happy birthday to my boyfriend! 
Wishing him a successful career!
Love you! *muacks*

Lastly, outfit of the night

 Flare top from coupederobes
pearl necklace from topshop
Chanel flap bag

What's your opinion?