Updated: My Daily Skin Care Products and Beauty Secrets

It's been a year and more since the last update of my daily skin care products. A lot of people asking me about my beauty secrets and I've been sharing a lot to my friends! I am so grateful that quite a number of my friends accept my advices and their skin are getting improved! 

Since the first Laneige products I bought a year ago, I can't stop using it! Yes! I am definitely a fans of Laneige! 

From left to right is the sequence of the skin care products. The first one is Laneige Clear-C Effector. So far I am still using the sample size and I am going to purchase it! Laneige sales assistants are always so kind-hearted, they would not force me to purchase their product, in fact they give a lot of sample products every time after I purchase the products. Speaking of Laneige Clear-C Effector, use it after cleanser and before the toner. It acts as a booster with Acelora full of Vitamin C. Basically, it doubles the effects of the following skin care products, purifies skin and removed dead skin cells. I personally think that it is good to use the products not frequently. 

Second product from the left is Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner- Light as well as toner. I used it several bottles already and it was the first Laneige product that I'd purchased. So far I've used whitening refiner, sensitive refiner and moisture refiner and I still think that basic one which is light one suits me the best! It eliminates impurities in the pores and removes keratin for clear and transparent skin. You can used it as a mask too, all you need is a mask sheet, pour on it and apply on face for 30 minutes. I sometimes do it and it refreshes my face and skin tone. 

Third product from the left is Laneige Water Bank Essence. I bought it at first because the sales assistant claimed that essence is important for moisture steps. Its function is to moisture inside of the skin at all times. It supplies moisture, retains moisture and circulates moisture. So yeah this is why I am using it. Last product of Laneige is Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream which is the elementary moisturizer. It supplies moisture, its texture is non-sticky and it has cooling effect. Gel cream is my choice because my skin is a combination type and I can't afford too oily texture or gel will be not much effect on my skin. 

Apart from Laneige, I am a huge fans of Shu Uemura too! As I am their loyal customer of these two products. 

I've blogged about these products before. I will say it is still my most favourite products and I've purchased more than 10 bottles of these! The left one is Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil. I've changed different cleansing oils and so far high performance balancing oil is still in my most favourite list. One thing I love about this product is I can remove entire make-up very clean without any cotton wool. It saves my time and cost. And I love the oil texture, it's like the massaging oil and it smells good! Even though it's oil based but it does not affect our skin and no need to worry about pimple will pop out all these things. 

Second Shu Uemura product that I am always and forever using is Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse- Pink. I treat it as a sunblock as well because it contains SPF30 in it and I've never put on foundation unless it's for photoshooting or commercial ads. It is mousse based and not oily as other sunblocks. I am using pink as my skin tends to look more pale, it helps my skin to look more reddish and evens out my skin tone. I can do a review on it next time to show the differences of using this product. :)

Of the eye cream, I am using Naruko Brightening Eye Cream.

So far, I haven't seen any effect of it. Still working out searching for a better eye care product for my terrible eye circles and eye bags!

Of the T zone, I am still using the same product, which is b.liv off with those heads by Cellnique.

This is the third bottle and of course there is a reason for me to repurchase. However, the effect does not match with the function of the product. There are still blackheads and whiteheads on my T zone, but it helps me to squeeze it out easily.

Speaking of my cleanser, it is a brandless cleanser, with no any information on it. I did not share my cleanser out on my blog before but I do share it with my friends. 

I take it from my mom every time when it is almost finish. My mom always restock from a friend and my whole family members are using it including my dad and brothers. Surprisingly, I've never ask mom about it too. For your information, my family members are having acne-free skin. I think the benefits of this product are to prevent the acne grow and brighten the skin tone. The texture is yellowish liquid and majority of people may find it smelly, somehow I like it. 

I may not have a perfect skin but I am thankful to have an acne-free and fair skin. 

Will try to do more reviews on skin care products in the future! ;)

What's your opinion?

  1. Hi chenelle, did you use miyome to apply all over your face or you use miyome on some parts that need to be treated?

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  3. Hi, if I am interested in the cleanser, is it possible to buy through you?


  4. The cleanser, where to purchase it?

  5. Hi there great review I am also using the Water Bank Essence and Gel Cream, I felt that they worked better for me compared to the updated version... Or am I the only one who think so? :p

    Check out my blog as welll ~ I've just posted my first review on skincare producttt! http://velvet010.blogspot.com
    <3 have a great day!

  6. Hello. Is it possible to buy the cleanser from you?

  7. you can email me chenellewen@gmail.com :)