The End of 2013

Finally, today is the last day of 2013

2013... WHAT A YEAR... been through a lot of things in this year. Never thought this year could be a year full of disasters to me, to my family as well. What hurts more than the loss of family members? lately, another pet, babee, left us as well because of sickness. Sometimes, I wonder why God makes us suffer the pain of loss? Why there's death in this world? I know there must be a reason, but I just can't stop thinking since the first loss. from now on, my family will not be the same anymore. Whenever I think of this, my heart aches... I am not gonna mention what happened to my brother, and I do not wish to mention anymore. Pls don't ask me anymore I would sincerely appreciate that. Though there're disasters, I also thankful that happiness is still around me. I am thankful for the family members I have, started to cherish more the moment spend with them. Also, I am thankful for bf who accompanied me throughout the year, from sad to happy. Whenever something happened, he would be around. Of course, those friends that I have in 2013, you guys are awesome! Sometimes, you will only know who's the sincere ones when something happens.. :) 

2014 new year's resolutions?

I am hoping to earn more money and bring my family to travel around. Spend more time with family members and share the good things with them. 

What about myself? I need to be more positive! Learn to be more sociable and be a wise man! 

Of course! will update all my travel posts in 2014! I know many readers wait till neck long already lol. Europe, HongKong, Macao, ShenZhen, Korea... will share all travel tips with you guys! 

2013 definitely is not a good year for me, let bygones be bygones, I am hoping more good things happen in 2014! 

This is gonna be the last post of 2013
Welcome 2014! 

Happy New Year everyone! 

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