Storm London Malaysia | Christmas 2013

Christmas is one of the most happening day in many countries, including Malaysia. People at here started to cherish and embrace Christmas which did not happen in the past, it's a good thing! Because Christmas has joyful songs, fancy and colorful decorations, and most importantly gift exchange! Aww! What a good excuse to receive present! Haha! 

Of all the Christmas decorations, one of the stores which attracts me is Storm London Malaysia, KLCC. 

Storm London Malaysia store at KLCC
Love their decorations for Christmas, creative and Christmassy!

STORM is originated from London by Chief designer, Steve Sun. What makes STORM stand out from other watches is their well-designed affordable watches, with the unique design. Lazer dials, quirky features and stainless steel are their signature design. 

STORM continues to bring out the uniqueness yet casual and contemporary styles, leads the way with statement designs and trend led product. 

Also, STORM is the only recognized British fashion watch brand on the market today. 

Combination of storm watches box and Christmas decoration.
I think Storm London Malaysia has nailed the theme perfectly by featuring their products!

AW 2013 Collection 

Also, AW 13 collection is here! No idea of what Christmas present to get for your beloved one? Here's some ideas for you!

Couple watches

 I like this watch! 

How about this one? 
Black looks nice as well!

Free Christmas Wrapping Service

They provide free Christmas wrapping for those who purchase STORM watches!
Their Christmas wrapping is classy and elegant!

Christmas Promotion (wishlist contest) 

Storm London Malaysia is having Christmas promotion for you, for those who wish to stand a chance to win the watch or cash voucher! 

There is a plant deco at the store, it's not only a decoration!
You can write your wishlist on this mini paper hanging on the plant, 
tell em what you wish to get for your Christmas and stand a chance to win STORM watch!
Interesting right?

Wishlist contest will end on Christmas eve, 
and the winner will be announced on boxing day (26th of Dec),
Hurry head to the store and make your wishlist! :D

Christmas Promotion (RM100 voucher)

Not only that, Storm London Malaysia is having RM100 cash voucher give away on their Facebook page at anytime, minimum once a day, everyday till Christmas! 

Who want Christmas present from Santa Storm? 
Head over to their Facebook page now! :D

I want this watch as my Christmas present! XDD

For more information, visit

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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