Casio Exilim EX-TR15 Review | WIFI Photo Transfer & Remote Capture

Previously, I shared about make-up mode of TR15, it was one of the best features! You can read the post here or find the label "Casio"/"Camera Reviews". One of the best means there isn't only one, TR15 has a lots more best features, WIFI photo transfer and remote capture are one of the best features too! I am going to teach you how to use the function, if you're newbie of TR, you'd better read this post! :)

WIFI Photo Transfer 

Compared with TR150, Casio has improved the feature of the memory card, one of the best thing about TR15 is it does not need a WIFI memory card, it has the built-in WIFI which allows photo to transfer instantly to your smartphones or devices. Built-in WIFI perfectly fulfill our needs! Because we like to share pictures on the spot on social media platforms. 

But HOW?

 To transfer photo from TR15 to your smartphones, you have to download an app called "Exilim Remote".

 Then, turn on TR15, and go to the picture that you'd like to choose from,
Click the phone logo (second) on the slide bar.

 Then, click "send to phone" on the left 

 All pictures will be shown and you can select pictures that you want to transfer to phone. 
Max for one time is 99 photos.
Click "OK" to proceed to the next step.

 Then, detail above is shown.
Now, you have to use your phone to connect to WIFI above. 
Key in the password given, but you may change the password whenever you want to. 

 Once connected, the screen of TR will change to this page.
This time you have to open your Exilim Remote app.

When you open the app, patiently wait for few seconds and it will automatically connect to your TR.
Pictures will be transferred one by one. 

It's easy right? I like this feature so much as I can transfer my pictures anytime I want and also ask my friends to download the app, so they can do the photo transfer themselves without troubling me to forward. 

Note that the memory card of TR15 is different from TR150, TR15 is using micro SD card. 

Remote Capture

Remote capture is another feature that I like to, because with this function, we do not need to ask for help from others to take pictures of ourselves. 


 The steps are almost same as photo transfer, you need to download "Exilim Remote" app.
Turn on TR and click the phone logo on the slide bar. 

 Click on "view on phone" on right hand side this time. 
Same thing, connect to WIFI on your phone. 

 Open the app once connected to WIFI and wait for few seconds.

 Now the screen is shown on your phone but it's actually from TR. 
Amazing right?
Just press the capture button at the bottom of the phone.
W and T are actually to zoom in or out the camera. 

 You can even choose to use timer or not to take the picture and it exactly looks like someone is helping you to take picture! 

One of the pictures that took by using Remote Capture. 

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