Dandelion Accessories Store @ TANGS, One Utama

Choosing for clothing is easy, as there're wide variety of stores out there. When it comes to fashion sense, everyone has different perception of it, some may prefer simple and elegant, some may go for sporty, some may like unique and outstanding, blah blah blah... To me, an outfit without accessories, it would be rather dull and kinda lack of something. Yes! Seriously! It's like you are well-dressed without your make-up. Can you imagine you are wearing a beautiful outfit but you didn't wear any make up? 

Recently, I found an accessories store, Dandelion, which are selling variety of accessory lines, covering from top to toe such as hair bands, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, belts, etc... Another good thing about Dandelion is it conceptualized by the latest runway styles and seasons, consumers get to know the trendy accessories, get it at affordable price and make it as an embellishment to your outfit! 

Dandelion store that I went was in TANGS Departmental Store, One Utama. Sadly it doesn't have a clear signboard to show you the name of the store, but you can spot the store just right behind the Pandora store. 

Dandelion has many accessories to choose from, from simple to magnified one, if you're looking for some accessories for your costume party or a high-end event, Dandelion definitely is your choice! 
 Accessories are nicely arranged according to the color-themed.
Besides purple and green, there're orange, red, black, yellow as well!

I like the blue elegant necklace, it's suitable for high fashion event or even a simple outfit for day out!

I'm choosing for my accessories XDD

Other than these, what I like about this store is they're selling sunglasses and spectacles as well! 

The interesting part is, they're also selling reading glasses for elders, 
and also they're selling cute glasses for kids!

Sooooo many sunglasses to choose from

Babe Vivian is struggling which shades to choose from! XD

 Trying on some accessories 
me likey every piece of accessories! 

 This is one of my haul, yellow hair band.
Does it looks good on me?
I like yellow lately and the sales assistant told me the quality is so good that even you bend it, it won't break.
I tried it and what she said was true! X)

 Thanks to Dandelion, we had a great shopping time! XDD

Apart from the hair band, I got myself a sun glasses (the first picture already shown) and a set of Swarovski accessories. 

 The sunlight is not edited one haha
This pair of aviator sunglasses are so cool, kinda RayBan inspired type, 
I like the mirror effect of the sunglasses.

Swarovski accessories set that I gotten from Dandelion, with a necklace and a pair of earrings.
I know you can't see my earrings, but I'm wearing it! haha!

Dandelion is available in TANGS Departmental Stores and E-commerce sites such as ZALORA, LAZADA, www.parkson.com.my, www.glassesonline.com.my

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