Sasa x Vanity Trove

Beauty box has been a trend that there are so many choices in the market nowadays. In order to stand out from others, many of em have put a lot of effort on packaging and searching a better and premium products to fulfill people's needs. However, Vanity Trove is trying to bring uniqueness for their beauty box line. Recently, they have came out a series of collaboration box, the box that I've received is Sasa x Vanity Trove box! 

 You can see the quality of the box
I love the unique design specially for Sasa x Vanity Trove box!

Wonder what's inside the box?
Let me introduce the great products!

#1 Natural Aqua Gel by Cure RM115 (250g)

Basically it is skin exfoliation product that has known as No.1 in Japan. it contains 90% Hydrogen Water, helps to remove dead skin and dirt to support the natural skin regeneration process. What I like about Natural Aqua Gel is it's coloring free, preservative free, fragrance free, mineral oil free and also alcohol free! So, it's very safe to use! 

The texture of the Natural Aqua Gel is water based, non sticky and it's very easy to apply on skin. 

The dirt easily appeared after gently rubbing the gel. I tried on my knees as well and I love the result! 

#2 Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil RM148 (100ml)

To be honest, I think in our skin care routine, oil should be included because it has multi-purpose and most importantly, oil not only can be used on our skin, and also hair and nails. Best thing about this product is, it contains unique concentration of Precious Plant Oils (30%) and Vitamin E, helps to nourishes, repairs and protects the face, body and hair. Another good thing is it doesn't contain preservative too.

Left is before Huile Prodigieuse and right is after applied it. Can you see that? It's not oily and sticky at all like other oils do but the skin feel nourished. 

#3 Cyber Colors Cleaning Oil (Rose/Lavender) RM53.90 (200ml)

Cyber Colors Cleansing Oil dissolves all makeup and impurities entirely and it comes with two types, I've got the Lavender one, which is my favorite one! The lavender scent relaxes my mind while I am using it, kind of important as it makes us love removing makeup more! 

Even though it is cleansing oil, but the texture is not too oily and easy to apply. 

#4 Neogence Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse RM39 (180ml)

I was so excited when I tried out this product. Neogence Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse is a form cleanser that moisturizes, increases skin metabolism and helps soften dead skin. It's suitable for all skin types as it has a mild acidity of ph5.5. 

#5 Haruhada Yuzu Pore Cleansing Gel RM34.90 (50g)

Nose product! It helps to eliminate stubborn blackheads, removes dirt and controls oil secretion with warming effect. 

It contains citrus extracts and the scent is very refreshing. 

#6 BRTC Jasmine 3D Moist Powder RM55 (25g)

Comprises of jasmine extract wrapped in powder capsules that melts into skin like velvet cream upon application. It can control the secretion of excess face sebum, moisturize, cover imperfections, and provide a brightening and soothing effect. 

Can you see the obvious result? My favorite of all! It doesn't feel heavy at all, I personally think that you can skip the foundation or BB cream part, it creates a moist, radiant skin look along with the cooling texture as the moisturizing capsules helps endow liveliness to rough, dull skin. 

Sasa shopping voucher comes together in the box as well. I love every product in this box and I am Sasa fans too! XDD

Oh yeah, not to mention, Vanity Trove has came out with a "personalized your Vanity Trove box" idea, that you get to pick your favorite products in a box on their website based on your beauty profile or preferences, then you will get your self-picked Vanity Trove box within 7 working days, sounds amazing right? I have to say it's a super good deal, because you pay a little and you get to enjoy more benefits and privileges. 

Log onto and get your personalized trove box now! :D

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