DiGi Roaming (outbound)

Has anyone experienced having difficulty to find sim card when traveling abroad or unable to online and access your social media at foreign countries? Also, has anyone experienced getting a bill shock after came back from travel and you don't even can afford it? I experienced all of statements above, as I love traveling. When this problems come out, it entirely spoil my travel mood!

Well, I think DiGi has a good plan for data roaming users. They have came out a cheap deal for travellers that can share updates on social media immediately via data roaming. For example, you can update your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on the spot without having to back to the lobby and use the free WIFI services. Bear in mind tho, not every hotel provide free WIFI service! 

DiGi offers unlimited roaming via phones, tablets or laptops with a daily max cap from as low as RM32 /day. 

Data usage of 3MB and above will be charged at a flat rate (daily max cap) of RM32/RM36/RM56 per day.

Data usage less than 3MB will be charged at: 
  • RM10.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM32/day
  • RM12/MB with 10kb charging block for RM36/day
  • RM18.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM56/day 

For 1MB usage, it's around 15 pictures uploaded with 600KB per picture. Or 1KB per message, about 1000 messages (without attachment)  can be sent / received via Whatsapp. 

We get to update our status and places anytime without causing a boom now! :D

 Here is a shot at Chatuchak market, Bangkok.
The data roaming charges is as low as RM32 per day.

 How fun could it be by sharing photos during our girls' trip! 

I personally think that DiGi data roaming is a good deal for those travellers who can share their feelings and beautiful shots immediately with a low rate. Besides, google maps is a must when we travel around at foreign countries, it helps us to locate where we are, how to go, and where we should go! Don't tell me you're not using google maps to travel... Also, we still get to keep in touch with families and friends when we are traveling, Whatsapp unlimited if you sign up RM32 data roaming for a whole day.

I would suggest you to activate your data roaming all the time because DiGi data roaming is using 'Pay As You Use' method, you will only be charged on what plan you signing up.

 With DiGi data roaming smart plan, I am a happy girl :D

Log onto their website for more information.


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