If you get to watch movie in cinema lately, I bet you saw the advertisement video about ESCAPE right? 


ESCAPE is an online movie library with variety of local, Hollywood, Indonesia, Hindi and Korean movies. Not only movies, you get to watch the live events, live news, concerts and tv series on your mobile device. Yes! You can watch it wherever you go, just download the app and you can enjoy the privileges. 

I've downloaded it and this is how ESCAPE app looks like.

Now you know the man in the teaser movie is Jackie Chan! 

ESCAPE app consists of over 500 movies from only 80sen per hour. You can enjoy all sorts of movie genres from romance to thriller and many on. 

These three featured movies are my favorites! :D

There are so many movies that you can choose from. And also movie series.

One great thing about ESCAPE is not only you can watch it on laptop or tablet, you get to enjoy the movie on mobile as well! It's compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. So whenever you get bored, you can watch it anytime and pause it, continue the movie whenever you like on another device! Means when you reach home, you can still watch the movie on laptop and it will resume the previous part of the movie. How great is that! 

Register at now to ESCAPE.
Available exclusively to Celcom subscribers nationwide.

What's your opinion?

  1. Escape is a great application.. there are promotion for celcom first user by typing "ESCAPE" send to 28882.. Valid until december 2013 .