Bubble Gum Wax (Waxing & IPL Service)

When I was in high school, I was called "king kong" by my schoolmates due to my hairy hands. I didn't feel annoyed at my hairy hands, in fact I thought it was a "pretty girl sign" as people said usually pretty girls would have hairy hands. Haha! (beh paise) *self-slap* Well, sometimes we could be very superstitious just to increase our self-esteem lol. I still remembered I could even 'comb' my hairy hands! Haha, alright stop exaggerating, I did have hairy hands, but my hair was fine, it was just too long! Even my hair is fine and less, should I be happy or sad? 

Anyway, not only hairy hands, I even had hairy legs lol. As time went on, I came to realized that hairy body is not so aesthetic compared with a smooth and hairless body, people nowadays prefer to have a hairless and smooth skin. This is why several hair removal methods came into the market. So I started to shave my hands, legs and underarms since I graduated from high school. I think.. I shaved for 4 years! I did waxing once before but it was miserable, so I choose not to. You know, shaving is fast, but it grows back faster and thicker too! Sometimes, I need to shave everyday, which can really be troublesome and hurts my skin. And also, the itchiness is not a joke! Till I came across the waxing company, Bubble Gum Wax lately, they offer waxing services and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) services

The environment of the interior is very relaxing and comfortable.

Most of you may know what is waxing, but what about IPL? To be honest, it was my first time hearing of it when I was discussing it with the consultant, Jesslyn, on which services should I do. Waxing is basically a semi-permanent method which removes the hair from the root and it can lasts for four to eight weeks or more, depending on individual’s hormones. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) service is a permanent reduction method which removes hair using different wavelengths of light and heat. It can reduces most of the hair permanently after several sessions of services. After a long discussion and consideration, I decided to go for waxing on legs and hands, IPL on my brazilian (private area) and underarms. 
I want to share this with you guys because I find that there are still people around me who don't have any awareness of hair removal, including myself. At first I was thinking to separate waxing and IPL into two posts, but I think it's better to let you know both of the services so that you can make up your mind in choosing the hair removal method. :) So I've been asking a few friends about the sensitive topic (Brazilian) and I realized that most of the girls didn't really do anything to their private area (Brazilian).

There is an interesting picture I've found on Bubble Gum Wax's page. 

Haha, interesting fact right? Frankly, I shave my pubes constantly, not entirely, I leave a shape. But as I said, shaving will make hair grows faster and causes itchiness, so I am happy after I tried the IPL brazilian at Bubble Gum Wax. At first, I was so shy. Imagine showing your private part to a stranger! Even if we are the same sex, but still shy right? I must say, I am so lucky, I met a good staff! She is super friendly and she makes me feel shy-less in front of her haha! I think this is very important if you're looking for a waxing company. 

 The interior of the room

 IPL machine

Joyce is the therapist who helped me with the services. Look for her if you wish to have a happy waxing or IPL experience! She told me their machine is more advanced; the wavelengths of light can be adjusted depending on our hair and skin condition. IPL lightens the skin tone that is caused by long term shaving especially on the underarms and brazilian. Also, she told me that I may feels a slight sensation or it can be painless with every pulse of the light. After applying the antiseptic application, she applied the powder on the part, shaved the hair first only start the IPL treatment. Because of the bright light, I have to wear the sunglasses provided. 

To be honest, if you ask me about the painfulness of the IPL service, I would say no pain at all. Seriously! I was so scared at first but when she did the first flash of light, I felt nothing. I did both of my underarms and brazilian, overall it was great! No suffering and it was a painless process. Joyce told me that it might be slightly more painful for those with a darker skin tone. Of course, no picture to show. Do it and try it for yourself! :)

My IPL was followed by the waxing service, I think this is the scariest part as I had a bad experience before. Fortunately, Joyce is really friendly! She kept talking to me and also I think she did it professionally. So the painfulness is bearable.

 Waxing equipments

 This is for small part waxing such as brazilian wax

This is for body waxing
She used this to wax my legs and hands

Body waxing is better than shaving for sure, the hair grows slower and finer, and the skin will be smooth and silky as well! I can feel it after my waxing. I took some pictures of before and after, sadly can't be seen in the picture, probably because my hair is too fine. 

BBGW soothing lotion helps to soothe dry and sensitive skin due to waxing, shaving, IPL or even sunburn. 
It's priced at RM68
I get one for myself! :)

The pretty consultant, Jesslyn
Thanks for the explanation and great services!

IPL service is safe and with no side effect, so I think it is a good investment. I thought of laser hair removal before, I am glad that I got to know IPL before that, compared with laser, it is really safe to do the treatment! Oh yeah, not only girls, guys also can have their hair removal services at BBGW! Guys, you should know what to do! ;)

I would recommend Bubble Gum Wax because they are friendly! To me, service is the most important in any field, a good service makes customer feel satisfied and have the greatest pleasure. I always emphasize on service, if I am happy, I will definitely come back! I think mostly people also like that right? 

Of course, I will come back for my waxing and IPL sessions and can't wait to share more of the details for you guys! 

BBGW is having their promotion now for first timer! You can experience it yourself with a lower price then only decide on further services! :)

Promotion for Brazilian wax
50% off for all first time customers at BBGW
NP: RM98 - Brazilian (H) 
Buy 1 FREE 1 service (Body parts; Full Leg / Full Arm / Half Leg / Half Arm / Under Arm)

Promotion for IPL (First trial)
IPL Brazilian RM99
IPL Under Arm RM49
IPL Upper Lip RM44
IPL Half Leg Bottom RM299

BBGW have different promotions every month, you can contact them directly instead or sms them at 0125420662.

For more information please visit their page.

Bubble Gum Wax - The Waxing Expert
F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas, 
No.60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 
Sri Hartamas, KL, 
50450 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel:+603 6211 5038 
Operating hours :
Monday to Friday 11am - 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm


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  1. Can't wait to see you soon, wanna look at your hands!!! hehehe, sure smooth like taofu! XD

  2. haha! yes it's definitely smooth bcoz of hairless! XDD

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  4. Men can come also? They use the same room as ladies?

    1. I suppose you may call to ask as i am not a guy XD

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