Lie Down I Think I Love You, London

When I was traveling around London, I've made my time to pay a visit to a shop that I've been awaiting for so long. I heard this brand, Lie Down I Think I Love You from a Taiwanese blogger for quite some time ago. It's not close to MRT, I think my boyfriend and I walked for half an hour to reach the shop, he knew I love it! hehe

Lie Down I Think I Love You is created by two girls, one is designer, Emily, and her business partner, Lisa. They started their small dream since 2006 with "made in London" accessories brand and they have an independent store when in 2009. Now, their pieces are selling worldwide, even in Taiwan! That's how I know this brand!

I am so happy that finally I got a chance to visit their store! :D

Do you know why I like this brand? Don't you think their brand name is very unique? Lie Down I Think I Love You.. the first impression came to me was vintage! I fell in love at the first sight when I saw the bag from blog. 

The interior of the store matches the brand design, vintage and elegant. 

The brand is unique because it offers unique pieces by using handpicked and color-matched vintage scarves or powder compacts, it's a standout that noone would have the same design. Sounds interesting right?

 You can see scarves are everywhere in the store

 Design of the bag is exquisite.

 Every piece is vintage and handpicked.

Even the small one is so adorable! 

Powder compact design

Not only bags, they're selling other "made in London" accessories such as gloves. 

My boyfriend has bought one for me! It's not cheap tho, as it's using quality leathers, traditional craftsmanship and re-working vintage fabrics. The price range for the bag is around £200++ (around RM1000++). But I think it worth while! Cause I can transform it into different designs! 

 This is the piece that I got.
I took almost an hour staying inside the store just to choose the scarf!
I hope she wouldn't be annoyed with me! XDD

But somehow I regret for choosing this color as it's close to my bag's color. It's ok! I can change the scarf by myself easily! I love collecting scarves! I have some scarves that are in different designs and it's usable and multi-purpose! 

Another design of the bag 

The look is different from the previous one!

I love this scarf's design so much! The bag becomes elegant and classy.

This is one of the looks how I match my sweetheart bag.
Love it!

Anyone fond of their bag like I do now? :D

What's your opinion?

  1. veryvery nice!! Really like the bag. But the price is really steep for a small bag.

  2. ms bulat - yes dear it's kind of pricey for a handmade bag but they're selling worldwide and it has becoming a branding too. It's really nice right! <3