Post Fashion Bazaar @ On A Cloudy Day Boutique, Bangsar

My make-up of the day
I was requested to do a tutorial of this look,
so I am thinking to do it as my first make-up tutorial?

The second bazaar I've joined just ended last weekend, I would say it was an awesome bazaar! Thank you Nana for inviting me to be part of the bazaar, thank you for those people who dropping by, thank you for my readers who came to talk to me, I appreciate everything! :D This was another successful bazaar and I was hoping to join more bazaars so that I can sell out my preloved clothing and also epure mask! ;)

 My booth during the bazaar

 Some clothing already sold out but there are a lot more!
I was thinking to create an Instagram account and upload those clothing's picture.
What do you think? 

Sold out piece

Nana princess

 Love both of these girls!
They are so adorable and friendly!
I feel happy when I hang out with them! XDD

 babe Chanwon!

 babe Bobo!

Miss this girl so much!
She's been MIA for so long haha!

Thanks for dropping by! 
And thanks for helping to pack the booth hehe
and also your bf X)

Lastly, an ootd picture

Outfit of the day
Tutti Frutti set from Her Wishlist 
Pandora bracelet
Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet
Transparent wedges from sg wang

Stay tune for my next update! ;)

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What's your opinion?

  1. Omg your make up looks so nice! Please do a tutorial if you can! :DD and I think selling your clothes on instagram would be a good idea ^^

    xx Mandy

  2. Mandy Ooi - Thanks for your suggestion sweetie! Love you! I will do it real soon! :D