WeChat 5.1 x Games Launch

Attended WeChat event for several times, however I was more excited to attend the event this time which held at Blu Med restaurant, Boulevard Mid Valley, as WeChat not only introducing the improved version, WeChat 5.1, also launching their new games to WeChat users! To be honest, I am not a game lover, but the 3 new games are so addictive! 

Can I take this huge WeChat pillow home? *puppy eyes*

 With the hot lady again, Careen! 

 Two gorgeous lady are having the same monotone outfit hehe
Melissa and Fishiee

 Pretty blogger Weiwei

 Pretty mama Jacs!

 Sexy babe Karen

Gorgeous ladies, Cheesie, Bell, Jacs

Good luck for studying abroad! :)

 Punk-styled blogger, Chency

 Big boys haha, Simon and Jason

 Petite lady, Bell

 Pretty bloggers

We love WeChat!

What is WeChat 5.1 about?

#1 New sticker for your chat! 

Stickers are so important to express my feeling in the conversation!
Most of em are free!

#2 Expand your chat!

Now you can have 100 group member in a chatroom instead of 40
Who said we can't get spam on WeChat? lol

#3 StoryCam app for WeChat

New app of WeChat that you can edit your own picture with your own words to decribe "what", "where" and "when"

So cute!
Got many filters and images to choose from.
You can also share on your WeChat moments right away.

During the event, we get to experience the game ourselves!
Guess what, I am the top 3 scorer on that night and Mr Louis Song, Country Manager of WeChat Malaysia and Singapore presented us a small gift! Aww so sweet!

Wonder what games I'm addicting to lately?

How to download WeChat new games?

Go into your WeChat app, on the "Discover",
you can see the "Games" on the list
Click into the games and you may find the 3 games!

What are the 3 WeChat new games?

#1 Gunz Dash

Gunz Dash makes you experience exciting adventures with your favorite hero in a fantasy universe. In this exciting 2D animated, side scrolling race games, you just have to speed through worlds and collect coins for a high score. Gunz Dash is currently the top downloaded app on the App Store!

 Among the games, I love this the most!
I played every night before bed and this is what I've got!

Top Scorer among WeChat friends! XDD

#2 Craz3 Match

Craz3 Match game is a simple yet dazzling game that you have to line up 3 or more of the same animals for spectacular effects and move on to next challenging level. But surely you'll get addicted to it! Because I already am! haha!

Though I am good at this, but there're a lot more people are better at this game!
Guess I need to practice more! 

#3 2Day's Match

2Day's Match is a rather casual game which you needs to match two tiles of the same kind to clear them, don't underestimate this game!

I am the top scorer of the week! haha

 Outfit of the night
Blazer from Stylenanda
Top from coupederobes
Skirt from Guess
Pumps from hk boutique

Add my WeChat and beat my score now! :D
WeChat id: chenellewen21

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What's your opinion?

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