Seoul's stay: Tria Hotel, Yeoksam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu

I feel contented for our stay in Seoul, would give an 8 out of 10 if I'd like to rate about it. I always mention on my travel post, always always always DO RESEARCH before your trip! Else you'll not going to enjoy your trip, it's true! I've experienced myself for first few free and easy travels, and I told myself that I am not gonna repeat the same mistake again. So for every trip, I did researches, if there isn't enough time, at least search for a good hotel! For this trip, it was so sudden (surprise trip), so I did a last minute work, my bf always put this on me, he knew I am very choosy lol, strive for perfection in a good way, ahem. 

For this Seoul trip, I feel happy that I found this hotel, Tria Hotel which is located around Gangnam, a place where full of tourists and youths. Firstly, I like hotel's location, which is just 5 minutes walking distance from subway station (yeoksam station). Yeoksam station is just next to Gangnam station. I don't simply spend on cab during traveling, if you are same as me, better search for hotel nearby subway station. Secondly, it is a boutique hotel, I love hotel with unique design! Thirdly, the hotel room is very clean and neat. As I am a clean freak, so cleanliness is very important to me. Fourthly, the strategic location where 24 hours shops are nearby such as Korean's BBQ restaurants and mart (GS25). Also, a lot of coffee shops are nearby. When I said nearby, it's sssuuu--pperr near! Will blog about it soon! Lastly, the price range of the hotel is MYR260++ for standard room and MYR340++ for deluxe room from, which is not really expensive! 

Facade of Tria Hotel

Dining place

 Hotel lobby

Hotel lobby

We stayed 6 nights at this hotel, stayed at standard room at first, but we have upgraded to Deluxe room for the last 3 nights. As we checked out the hotel room pictures, deluxe room is more spacious, also bathtub is included, important for relaxing after a long day outside! 

Would like to share two rooms type that we stayed. 

Standard Room

 Another thing I like about this hotel is the shampoos provided are big-bottled! 
Something which is bothering is every travel I also need to buy extra shampoo cause the shampoo provided by hotel is always not enough! (kiam siap)
And the hair and body shampoos smell good!
Can all the hotels also like this? haha

One of the reasons we upgraded our room is because the standard room is rather small. We have limited spaces (blame on shopping), and the deluxe room isn't that pricey. 

Deluxe Room

  Deluxe room is much more spacious! 
has living room too!

Free wifi and desktop is provided. 
Standard room has it as well.

Sadly, the mini tv in the bathroom is not functioning, 
we called to ask, the receptionist told us it's not function in any room.
So the mini tv is a decoration only?

Good thing is, they have bubble bath for us everyday.

Room tour video 

We tried out the 24 hours Korean BBQ Restaurant which is just right in front of our hotel.

Overall, it tastes good! I would love to go again! Who said 24 hours no nice stuff? XDD

That's all for the Seoul's trip! 
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Stay tune for more! :D

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