Skin Care | ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Lotion & Body Serum [Giveway]

It ain’t easy to take care of skin, you have to make commitment to yourself and put a lot of effort in it. There’s a quotation for this, 世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人” (there are no ugly but lazy women in this world), so true! I saw some people even at the age of 40 but the skin is better than those at 20. I am proud to announce that I have a healthy skin, the only thing I concern about is the skin tone of my body. People around me knew that I always complain about my body skin tone, darker than my face, even I don’t use foundation, my face’s skin tone is always lighter than my body’s, which makes me feel annoyed, especially taking pictures. My hands always appear to be the darkest and people may think I use lighter tone foundation. SOS!

Lately, I’ve found something that might help my problem! It’s ENCHANTEUR Paris body care series!

From left to right, ENCHANTEUR’s Light & Fresh body lotion, Firm & Repair body lotion, All-in-One Whitening body serum, Triple Whitening body lotion.

I am into “body whitening” terms, always look for the best ones and tried out so many products. I can tell that ENCHANTEUR has introduced different types of body whitening products based on different functions and preferences. I want all!

So what’s so special about the ENCHANTEUR’s products? Let me do the review one by one.

#1 ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh Body Lotion
Light & Fresh says it all, it is light and non-sticky. ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh Body Lotion has UV protection that you can apply it daily before going out, it is a water-based lotion so you wouldn’t feel any greasy, allows you to stay fresh throughout the day. There’s also Licorice concentrate for skin whitening and Aloe Vera concentrate for skin moisturizing. Besides, it has a refreshing fragrance that allows you to stay fresh throughout the day. 

#2 ENCHANTEUR Paris Firm & Repair Body Lotion

ENCHANTEUR Paris Firm & Repair Body Lotion helps to improve skin elasticity and repair damaged skin overnight with Micro-Collagen which meant to strengthen and firm up body tissues and Swiss Edelweiss which meant to protect skin against free radicals generated by UV rays and work actively overnight to repair damaged skin. Not forget to mention about the pampering scent it contained that helps relaxing, so I love to apply this before I go to sleep, it’s the best for night use.

#3 New ENCHANTEUR Paris All-in-One Whitening Body Serum with SPF24++ 

The new product has included SPF24++ helps to protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays and Licorice concentrate helps to lighten and even out skin tone. Also, it has Hyaluronic Hydration ingredients which you can find it in most of the skin care products, provides 24 hours hydration. It has multiple benefits and act as a ALL-IN-ONE body whitening serum.

#4 ENCHANTEUR Paris Triple Whitening Body Lotion

Triple Whitening body lotion has 3 ingredients together to provide a better whitening result! Sakura Concentrate, Licorice Concentrate and Vitamin B3 are the 3 effective ingredients to perform 3 whitening action and even the skin tone. Sakura Concentrate works against tyrosinase activity to even out skin tone, Licorice Concentrate prevents the formation of dark pigment from the exposure of UV rays and Vitamin B3 prevents pigmentation.

Even though there are 4 different types of body lotion and body serum, but they have something in common, which is it has nice fragrance and it is for body whitening purpose.

The textures are almost the same, light and non-sticky.
Except the texture of All-in-One body serum is denser.

For more info, pls visit ENCHANTEUR Official Website at

Giveaway time!

There will be a contest running on my Instagram! Please head over and win the ENCHANTEUR Paris products by completing the sentence ENCHANTEUR Paris captivates me because…” in 20words or less! I will pick the most creative answer as the winner!

You can stand to win one of the product as below

 i. ENCHANTEUR Paris Triple Whitening Body Lotion
ii. ENCHANTEUR Paris Firm & Repair Body Lotion
iii. ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh Body Lotion

Good luck to you! :D

ENCHANTEUR Paris All-in-One Whitening Body Serum with SPF24++ retails at RM11.50 (135ml) and RM19.90 (275ml).
ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh Body Lotion, Triple Whitening Body Lotion and Firm & Repair Body Lotion retail at RM8.90 (150ml) and RM14.90 (300ml).

ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Care range is available at major hyper/ supermarkets and pharmacies.

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