Casio Exilim EX-TR15 Review | Make-up Mode & Skin Brightening Mode

If you ask me what is my must-have-item in my bag, I would say camera. As a blogger, I can't live without camera, camera is my earning tool and also my daily essential, it records and captures down everything in my life. I love taking pictures, when I look back the pictures, I reminisce those memories.. However, I think the biggest problem for girls is we have to photoshop or enhance the pictures, which takes a lot time to do it! Ahhhhhh!!!! Fortunately, Casio seems to know girls' needs, especially the magic self-portrait camera, TR series, I am in love with it! Now they have modified a new better magic camera of tr series, TR15, which is the latest one with enhanced features and design. if you have read my post (here), you should know! 

I go for white which is my all-time-favorite color! *love*

 TR15's design is rounded shape, a more stylish and comfortable design.
Metallic finishing of tr15 is so elegant and high-end. 

What I love the most is the lens which coated with gold plate
It makes the whole camera become more outstanding and classy. awww!
I personally love the white one, pink one is the best-seller tho!

First of all, I need to clarify again TR15 is same as TR350, which is named at China. Casio TR series has been known as "the savior of ugly girl" lol, to be exact, 猪扒变美女 Hahaha! This is why so many girls wanting to get this so badly and always out of stock! Previously, tr150 already is the best-seller, but now I bet tr15 has become the mainstream. 

So the first thing will check out of course is the make-up mode and skin brightening mode, which already enhanced and upgraded, you can change the mode into natural mode or brightening mode as you like! Don't worry, I'll show you the comparison of what is the difference between natural mode and brightening mode!

Previously, tr150 has only make-up mode with 12 levels, tr15 has upgraded into two modes, one is almost the same, natural make-up mode, another one is more brightening one, with 12 levels as well. 

In case you can't find it, two modes are at the bottom right

Pictures taken by tr15 with natural make-up mode level 0, 6, 12. 

Natural mode with 0 level
you can still see my blackheads lol

 Natural mode with 6 level
The skin enhanced much and to me I think it's flawless enough.

Natural mode with 12 level
Tell me if you can still see my flaw, my skin is perfectly flawless!
Even the scar on my arm also reduced much!

What's the difference about the brightening mode is it can brighten up your skin tone, am I sound like talking nonsense? Brightening mode of course is for brightening skin tone la haha! I mean not only your skin turns smoother, even the skin tone turns brighter and not so natural, as in fairer unlike your current skin tone. 

Pictures taken by tr15 with brightening make-up mode level 0, 6, 12. 

 Brightening mode with 0 level
even though it's 0 level, the skin tone has turns fairer much compared with my current skin tone.

 Brightening mode with 6 level
As you can see, my skin turns smoother.

Brightening mode with 12 level
I don't look like myself now! 
I personally like it, but I don't use it because I scared people will say I look totally different with picture lol

Compared with natural mode, brightening is suitable for those who wish to look fairer, I still use both modes depends on the environment! :D A tips for you, use the brightening mode at night and you'll get better picture! I use the brightening mode at night with LED on. hehe

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  1. Wah, so tempting to get one, the effects looks good!

  2. Hi~~did you use any lighting for these pictures? the effects are so nice!

  3. [hsu manhua] no! effect was from tr15 itself! :D

  4. Hi. Does it have language options? Or is it just english?

  5. bill yuen - it comes with various languages for you to choose from!