A short update before I back to my endless assignment life. There're so many things to update! First is travel posts, which has been due for so long! Europe, Hong Kong, ShenZhen... Next is product review posts, I am going to share with you my makeup tutorial soon in my next post! So stay tune! :D

Speaking of travelling, I must share this! During my recent Hong Kong trip, I accidentally bumped into the famous Stylenanda models, Sora and Minhee! I think I was the luckiest person in the world on that day, keep smiling the whole day my boyfriend thought I went crazy lol! I was too gan jiong till my face went pale when I was trying to take a selca with em. XDDD

 Sora, super fans of her!

 Minhee, they're super friendly I swear! 

 Alright, enough of the fans girl mode. Just done a shooting for one of the 8tv show, 8style few weeks ago with other pretty bloggers and it's going to on show at 24th of November, 2pm. Super excited for the outcome! 

That's all for the update!
Stay tune for the next post! :D

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