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I supposed most of the people who read blog are familiar with the beauty box that bloggers always talk about. Beauty box is a good deal for people who always like to try new products or do not wish to waste money. There are so many beauty box brands in the market, this time I would like to introduce Modbox, which offers the cheapest price for a beauty box! Don't believe me? Modbox is only RM9 excluding delivery postage. I AM NOT JOKING, IT'S RM9 PER BOX! Some of you may think, 'so cheap, sure got commitment la.' Let me tell you something, Modbox has no commitment or monthly plan, you just have to buy one and you get to choose the products yourself. Isn't it super worthy??

For a RM9 beauty box, you get to choose 3 products and add-on other products you like (optional, extra pay amount). To me, RM9 for 3 products is more than enough. 

The packaging is actually decent for that price.
It doesn't have fancy design, but they keep it simple and environmental-friendly tho.

Thanks for the bloggers exclusive kit, I can share with you 5 products that they currently have on their website. 

#1 Dermedex Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack RM30 Bio'tox Cleanser (10g) | Refining Cream 2 (5g)
Bio'tox Cleanser RM120 (50ml)
Refining Cream 2 RM165 (30ml)

If you're following my blog, I had a giveaway before for this product. The winner who get it actually told me that it works and her pimple disappeared! How amazing is that! The Bio'tox Cleanser helps to unclog pores while moisturizing skin while Refining Cream 2 encourages skin's natural defenses to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation at the same time restoring youthful radiant. You can see the result within 3 days! This time I will keep it for myself and try it if pimple pops out! 

#2 Murad Resurgence® Hydrating Toner (180ml | RM128)

Resurgence® Hydrating Toner is one of the best selling products from Murad. It balances and neutralizes surface impurities, and also restore skin's suppleness. The smell is strong, for those who like aromatic toner.

#3 Human Nature Moisturizing Shampoo with Cream Foam (50ml @ RM11.90 | 200ml @ RM22.90 | 500ml @ RM44.90)

As what you see, Human Nature Moisturizing Shampoo with Cream Foam moisturizes hair, for dry and damaged hair. Cream Foam formula which wraps every strand of hair with a lotion for softness you can feel after just one rinse. Sounds amazing! However, it smells like medicine, if you care about result more than aroma, you can try this. 

#4 lavera Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream 

For those people who are vegan-friendly, this hand cream protects and nourishes hard working and air-conditioned hands. It does't have any aroma as well. It works well especially for dry elbows! I tried it and my elbows are softer. 

#5 Kneipp
® Herbal Bath, Body Oil & Body Lotion (100ml @ RM67 | 100ml @ RM67 | 200ml @ RM89)

Eucalyptus Herbal Bath - A healing bath treatment especially for those suffering from the flu or allergies, as it contains eucalyptus which is a natural disinfectant to clear congestion. Soak in the hot tub with it for 15-20 minutes and your sinuses would be much more relieved. 

Lavender Herbal Body Oil - Smoothens and moisturizes skin with its rich essential fatty acids and Vitamins A & E. It absorbs quickly and lavender scent which relaxes mind and body. 

Almond Blosson Body Lotion - It moisturizes and nourishes skin with natural hydrating ingredients such as sweet almond, avocado and jojoba oils. 

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  1. Erm, do you make a mistake on the postage? I bought it but postage is rm9. :)

  2. Esther - yes dear, thanks for the correction :D