Secret Recipe Malaysia Joins the WeChat Family!

I like attending WeChat event, it's like a gathering of bloggers, two activities that we will do during the event for sure, CHIT-CHAT and TAKE PICTURES XDDD Another thing is I love the WeChat pillow so much! 3 different WeChat events that I've attended so far, I've got 2 pillows and 2 mini cute one! How sweet are they! Thanks to WeChat and Secret Recipe Malaysia, we gathered again for the super sweet deal they've offered. 

Secret Recipe is one of my favorite local cafes in Malaysia, it offers fusion of western and asian cuisine, which is why it is undoubtedly acknowledged as award-winning local lifestyle cafe. Now, it's finally joined WeChat, opens an official account and offers super sweet deal for WeChat users! Told ya, WeChat user always got benefit haha!

Louis Song, Country Manager of WeChat Malaysia and Singapore, and Secret Recipe Brand Manager has announced the launch of collaboration between WeChat & Secret Recipe.

Of course, pictures time with the bloggers! 

 Thanks babe Careen for inviting me to the event! *love*

 Two sweet girls, Chanwon & Doris

 Two gorgeous one, shinyee and Sharon

 Povy, Bobo, yours truly, Chanwon XDD

 Pretty mommy Jac & Esther! 

 Sexy ladies, Stephanie & Casey XDD

 My babe! 

 Korean Mix! Ashley 
ahhh why she looks so elegant X)

 Pretty Yeeing :D

 Doris doll 

 gorgeous Samantha & Kate

 Pretty Chloe :D

 Naughty one bobo :p

 Pretty Melissa :D

The sweetest one, Chanwon *love*

Super sweet deal offered by Secret Recipe is WeChat users get to buy 1 free 1 slice of cake with any dine-in from the period of 16th of November - 30th of November 2013 at partipating Secret Recipe outlets! All you have to do is, add Secret Recipe's WeChat ID (SecretRecipeMY) or scan the QR code provided in the WeChat Angel in-app announcement. It's super easy!

Also, they're having other sweet deals for WeChat users!

I like the Vienna Brownie the most! What about you? :D

Outfit of the day
Top from bkk
Skirt from Room11
Necklace from bkk
Pumps from forever21

Never get bored of taking pictures at this site XDD

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