Shu Uemura Sweet Red Collection, Makeup Tutorial

I hardly find any red lipstick that suits me well sometimes, you know, mostly red lipstick indicates sexy or classy, which I do not think I have it! :((( Glad that this time I'd got a chance to try out the new collection by Shu Uemura, Sweet Red Collection. Shu Uemura is introducing the fresh new shades of various type of red colors. Yes! There're different shades of red that brightens everyday life-blossoming flowers, sugary sweets, savory salmon, ripe fruit, etc... Shu Uemura's Sweet Red Collection can accessorize every skin tone and make us sparkle with an infinitely fresh spectrum of adorable reds! 

Sweet Red Collection
Sweet beige brown palette
Rouge limited, sweet devil rouge, spiky rose, mon shu red pure

Shu Uemura's rouge unlimited formula offers an endless world of red lip color with more unique shades and pure color. Shu Uemura has interpreted double hybrid pigment technology, Opaque core hybrid pigment and crystal core hybrid pigment, bring out a more vivid, wider range of color. Also, the sweet beige brown palette is a ideal match for sweet red rouge lips, can be used for daily, creates different shades and looks. It's limited edition by the way! 

I am going to show you 3 different looks of using the pressed eye shadow and rouge limited's lipsticks! :))

I've done with my base (Shu Uemura UV Under Base - pink), concealer and eyebrow before that, you can view the another makeup tutorial here.

From top to bottom, I've stated clearly the codes.
M light beige 813
P light coral 131
ME medium brown 862
M soft brown 851
M medium brown 863
M dark brown 895

Sweet x Sweet Look
 Create a distance between the right and left eye for a sweet impression. Apply P light coral 131 using brush, start from the eyehole line and move the brush from outward to inward. 
 Then, apply M medium brown 863 along the upper lash line.  

 Apply M soft brown 851 to the inner corner of the eyes, blend it with light coral and medium brown using gentle strokes moving the brush from outward to inward.

Lip part! Use brush vertically for blurred lines to create a soft and sweet look. Also try giving lips vertical height rather than horizontal length to add an even cuter impression.

 Here I am using spiky rose

 Natural yet sweet look

Active x Sweet Look

 Apply ME medium brown 862 along the upper lash line. 

 Apply M soft brown 851 on the brush. Move the brush from outwards to inwards and create beautiful gradation.

 Apply P light coral 131 on the lower lash line.

Of the lip, if you want to emphasis on active impression, use brush to outline lip precisely, while if you want to emphasis sweetness, use brush vertically for blurred lines. 

 Here I am using mon shu red pure

 I think this active look is sweet enough yet kittenish because of the blush!
Create a heart design blush close to the lower edge of the outer eyes, then sideways to create a dynamic impression. 

 Rouge limited contains supreme moisture care that my lip looks so smooth and glowing!

Cool x Sweet Look

 Apply M soft brown 851 using brush. Start from the eyehole line and move the brush from outward to inward. Use brush and apply M medium brown 863 on the upper lid. Create gradation of the two.

 Apply M dark brown 895 along the upper lash line.

For lip, use brush that is suitable for outlining lips precisely for the most beautiful finish.

Here I am using sweet devil rouge 

 Of the 3 colors, I like this the most! It gives a sweet yet cool look and I think it suits me well! 
Yay! finally found red lipstick that suits me!

Retail price for each lipstick is RM78.00 while the nude palette is RM180.00

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