The Venetian Macao

Didn't manage to visit The Venetian Macao for the first time visit. I remember the first Macao trip was very rush and couldn't get to visit many attracting places. Heard of The Venetian Macao through other blogger long time ago. Something that left a strong impression is the small venice inside The Venetian Macao. Never thought that I could visit Venice before this, you can read the post here. Speaking of the Macao trip, it was my first trip travelled with boyfriend's family. I like to be the travelling planner, for my travel I prefer to travel by own rather than follow a tour group, unless it's a place where everyone speaks languages that I don't understand, such as Japan. Usually I would do an online research and plan my travel schedule. For those who do not wish to waste your time during travelling, do research before that! :)

Before The Venetian Macao, would like to share about the hotel that I stayed in Macao, Hotel Royal, a five star hotel. Price is above average around HKD1200++ (RM500++) but I think it worth the price. From Hong Kong to Macao, take the TurboJet to Macao Terminal, the journey takes an hour and there is a free shuttle bus service from Macao Terminal to the hotel, save the tranportation fee! The location is 15minutes walking distance to the main areas such as Grand Lisboa but the hotel also provides free shuttle bus services to several famous tourist spots constantly, which is a must and must check it before book the hotel. 

 The hotel lobby is grand and splendid.

 Our room, deluxe type.

 The interior of the room is luxurious and classy, tho it's not a designer hotel.

For hotel information, you can visit

Hotel Royal
2-4 Estrada da Vitoria  Macau
Tel: (853) 88610016

Taking hotel shuttle bus to The Venetian Macao. 

The Venetian Macao is not only a hotel which offers luxury suites, but also comprises shopping, entertainment and dining. 

 Exactly same like walking in the museum of Vatican City, Rome! 
Read my Vatican City post if you'd like to find out more of it! 

 Can't believe I am in Rome again! XDD

The Venetian Macao is still surrounded by Chinese New Year atmosphere!

Entering Venice 威尼斯 world~

 Impressed by the design!
It makes me feel like I am back in Venice again. :D

 The sky of the little "venice" never turns dark

Outfit of the day
Navy blue dress from bkk
Printed silk socks
Fiorucci shoes 
Balenciaga giant city 

Definitely will consider The Venetian Macao for the next stay travel to Macao! :D

I am missing Venice city already. :)

Visit The Venetian Macao page for more information.


What's your opinion?

  1. Wow, Venetian is so amazing! ;) How much for the hotel room? I'm going to Macau on September :P

  2. Nice nice!!! U just went to Macao again recently??

  3. Nice nice!!! U just went to Macao again recently??

  4. Charlene Wong - yes it's awesome, the hotel room should be around RM700-1000. their hotel room always limited, you'd better book now! Enjoy your trip! :D

  5. Sharon Phang - no dear it was during this year chinese new year one haha!