Launching of Casio EX-TR15 & EX-TR10

Before I get back to my revision for this semester's finals, would like to share something that is super new and I bet girls' would love it! No need to guess as it's already shown on the title, yes it's Casio TR15 and TR10! 

Probably many people would ask, what's the difference between Casio TR15 and TR10? Why China is TR350? How much is the price? Will it available at M'sia market? 

Yes, it's launching in M'sia which is just happened yesterday. I am glad to be invited to this launching as I have been waited for this just like other girls! XDD

 Casio TR10 with three colours, babyblue, babypink and white. 

 TR15 with three shocking colours, I like the striking pink!

Yap Fui Fui, marketing manager is giving a talk on the new tr.

 Povy, Sharon, yours truly

Kerchi, Chanwon, yours truly
we keep non-stop chatting since we first met! haha!

Picture taken by phone and it's from tr15, amazing right? 
The color is definitely clearer and more vivid.

Casio tr15 is same as China's Casio tr350, they're using the different name. Casio tr15 comes with direct wifi while tr10 does not have it. Casio tr15 is selling at RM2599 and tr10 is RM2099. There will be available at Fotokem, Mid Valley only on 6th of July and it's only limited to 100units! 

Why not you discover yourself? Check out their page for more information.  :)

What's your opinion?