Fashion Salad by Dreamscape

Took part in the fashion bazaar for the very first time with all the bloggers two weeks ago at SquareDotz Cafe, thanks to babe Casey who invited us and who was the organiser from Dreamscape for this fashion salad! Seriously, it ain't easy to be the organiser, especially have to deal with so many people, I understand how it feels and how exhausted it would be for the event. I feel proud of Casey did well for her event and everything was awesome! Would love to have another fashion bazaar again! 

As you know, bloggers own clothes more than any others because of no repeat clothing or whatsoever. It's a great deal to buy from bloggers as our clothes usually don't wear more than few times, at least to me lol. Though my clothing left more than half and still waiting for the new owner lol, thinking should I create an instagram for it? 

 Babe Casey! Thanks again for inviting me! XDD

 Casey and my booth. Mine one only a little bit and Casey is selling her blogshop's clothing!

Not forgetting epure mask, the magical mask! 

Very sorry that I didn't take any picture of the environment but I am sure you can find it from other bloggers' blogs hehe. Picture time with the lovely bloggers! 

 Chanwon sweetie, Casey, yours truly

 Povy sweetie

 Cute Nana! 

 With all the pretty bloggers, Nana, yours truly, Bobo, Chanwon

 Bell, Chanwon, yours truly, Bobo

 Talented girl! 

 Love babe Chanwon XDD

Met a new pretty blogger! Stephy

 Lovely reader Kim Kaho XDD

Pretty owner of the hanging thread, thanks for support! XDD

In case any of you don't know, epure mask is ready stock and will post it out after you bank in. The mask never fails to make my skin smoother and cleaner! 

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