Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills

*Warning: super long post*

Remember how my boyfriend celebrated my birthday for me? My birthday was in January if you're wondering, I know I know.. It's a super late post, but I still wish to share with my readers where he'd brought me to and how was the place. :D I've updated part of the post earlier in January, so Bukit Tinggi was the place he brought me to and Japanese Village was one of the recreations we went to, you can read the post here. Colmar Tropicale is a hotel that made up of many recreations and activities like a French-themed village. If you're looking for some local places that have the feeling like in foreign country such as French, Colmar Tropicale is a good choice for you, a place that can stay and relax at a budget price. In my opinion, I would suggest you to stay a night as there are not many things to do over here, a cozy and quiet place to stay tho. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Colmar Tropicale from Kuala Lumpur.

Before that, we brought our poco to pet hotel for overnight. How I wish Malaysia would be able to bring pet to anywhere just like Europe. :(

First thing to do once we reach destination, check in! As I mentioned earlier, Colmar Tropicale is a hotel so you could log into their website and book hotel. Not to worry I'll attach the website in the end of the post. ;)

 Deluxe type
Around RM290++ during weekday and RM320++ during weekend.

 Love the furnitures, it's all in white! 

 The decoration does make me feel like I am in one of the hotels in French, 
one different thing is that the space of French's hotel is not as big as this room. XDD
Too bad my bf didn't manage to book the suite type, the price is just slightly difference from the deluxe type. 
You may try out the suite type if you managed to pay a visit. :)

Bathroom is clean and decent. 

Outfit of the day
top from bkk
skinny pants from topshop
boots from forever21
bag from bkk

 Love the boot design and it's cheap! I forget the price tho. :/

Loving the bag that I got it from bkk. 

 Going out to explore the small town!

 It was in January, so there were Chinese New Year's decorations everywhere.

Printed horse

 Tourist shot

So, what can we do at Colmar Tropicale? There are plenty of the recreations and activities here, for instance golf, sports complex, botanical garden, equestrian, japanese village, animal park and adventure park. Since my boyfriend said it's my day, so I choose animal park as our first activities, you know I love animals! :D

I know there are vans that send people to various places as those recreation places are not near from the town village, but I am not sure how the schedule works. We went to animal park by car, however it was only not more than 5 minutes driving distance from the town village.

 Yes, she/he is the one I look for, deer. XDD

 I assumed it's a he?

 Yes! We can feed them!

Happy kid with the deer lol

And sweet rabbit

Back to the town village. If you're wondering, there are few restaurants inside the small town. They all served different cuisines such as french, italian, japanese and asian. We decided to have a high tea at La Boulangerie before continue our exploration.

To my dismay, there are not many choices for us and if I am not mistaken, they served only croissants, some breads and blueberry slice cakes, that's all. 
Price is still fine, but definitely uh-uh for food like this, the taste is eww!

No choice, selca time again XDD


 Spent a while at the bakery as we have no idea what we can do lol

The night is getting dark, we have seen the most beautiful view in this small town.

 The wishing well
If you want to make a wish

 The entertainment show that organized almost every night

 Love this scene

 Night view, how peaceful it looks like compared with our town. 

Get ready for our dinner after that. 

My outfit of the night
Everything from bkk XDD

Dined at La Cignogne, a French fine dining restaurant with a romantic view just right along the pathway of the town village. We walked to the restaurant from our hotel and it's not more than a minute.

 His main course
Forget the name but it's salmon fish with mashed potato obviously, hehe

 My main course
Too bad there have few choices only and I choose the grilled chicken with mashed postato.

 With the boyfriend *love*

A good night

On the next day, before we leaving, we joined the equestrian activity that I've been longing for! Always wanted to learn but I think the fee is high and it's not easy to ride a horse propely and majestically.


As you know, riding a horse ain't an easy task and I wonder how long it takes me to learn to ride a horse.

I am well prepared!

 Because I am a beginner, so I have to follow the step caustiously.
So I ride this little black pony! XDD

 He's the one who will lead the pony, beginner can't ride a horse I told you. :/
This is what they called lead ride, around RM70 for half an hour. 
You may explore more on their website. 
I'll attach the website in the end of the post. :)

 Happy kid again with her happy smile hehe
My bf didn't get the ride and he take my picture along the ride. :D

 Macam yes haha! XDD

Bye, that's how I spent my days at Colmar Tropicale. :)

I am happy for what my boyfriend done to me for my birthday celebration. He'd even brought me to a romantic restaurant on my actual birthday. *love* You can read the post here


For more information, visit 

KM48, Persimpangan Bertingkat Lebuhraya Karak
28750 Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang
Tel: + 60 (9) 221 3666
Fax: + 60 (9) 221 3828

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  2. Love your bag....May I know where can I buy it from?

  3. Our Love Story - Got it from bangkok's platinum mall ;)

  4. Hello chenelle! May I ask what type of camera did you use for all your selfies and pictures in this blogpost? Zr1000? or have you changed? cause got one mirror selfie its white colour oh your camera right? haha hope you reply soon <3 love your posts

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