Some Common Questions of éPure Membranous Jelly Masque

I've been using epure mask for quite some time and being asked by friends or customers something about epure mask. So, I've decided to gather some common questions people would like to know about and answer it one by one. Hope it helps you to get better awareness of the mask. :D

1.What's the benefits of the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque?

epure mask basically consists of many benefits, with mainly brightening, reducing pigmentation, maintaining moisture balance, refining wrinkles, skin firming, minimising pores, regulating and repairing cell growth. Technically, epure mask gives you a chance to have your baby skin back!

2. My skin is sensitive skin type, can I still use the epure mask?

Yes, epure mask is definitely suitable for sensitive skin. However, if you experience any skin problem after few applications of epure mask, I would suggest you to let your skin take some time to adapt to it. Reduce the duration of the mask stay on your skin, maybe from 40 minutes change to 20-30 minutes. And also, try to minimise the frequency to one time per week. After your skin adapt to the mask, you may apply 2-3 times per week. 

3. Is there any difference between jar and box? 

Basically, the texture of the epure mask in jar or box is the same. It is jelly mask. There are two packaging of the epure mask depending on the situation. For box, it's better for first time user so that you know how much to apply. And also, box is convenient for travelling as it comes with packs. Besides, some people may think that box with packs is more hygiene. For jars, some people may think that their face is not neccessary to use a pack, so they can choose the amount of the epure mask if using jar. 

4. How many times can use for jar and box?

Box comes with 6 packs, one time have to use one pack. We do not recommend you to keep the separate the pack into few times. While for jars, it contains 250ml, depends on yourself, can use up to 10 times. 

5. Can I share the epure mask in jar with my family members or friends?

We do not recommend sharing as the concern of hygiene. It's your skin, noone wish to mess with your skin. You may purchase box one for sharing or separate the epure mask in jar with spatula first before applying it. 

6. My skin turns dry after I apply epure mask for few times, why?

epure mask is meant for any skin type. However, we would suggest people who have dry skin type use it 2-3 times a week while people who have oily skin apply 3-4 times a week. It's written clearly on the packaging of the mask. Please don't be greedy, apply it everyday. Every mask is not recommend to apply it everyday, it's a common sense. 

7. Should I apply toner after applying the epure mask?

Yes, after rinse off the epure mask (jelly mask needs to rinse off), continue your daily skin care products such as toner, lotion, serum and moisturiser. 

8. How long to see the result of the epure mask?

Usually, you can see the result after applying the first time. However, it depends on your own skin condition, some people may take few times to see the result. Be patient, epure mask is definitely a good helper of your skin. :D

9. How much of the amount of the epure mask should I apply on skin?

It should be 0.3-0.5cm thickness of the mask when you apply on the skin, and apply more on T-zone or pigment areas. For box users, it should be one time one pack, we do not recommend you to keep the pack after open it, you may apply on neck area if you think that the thickness of mask is enough on face. Usually we would suggest first time user to purchase the box first so you know how much to apply. 

10. Can I apply epure mask on eye area?

You may apply the epure mask on the bottom of eye area as it helps to reduce dark circles. However, please try to avoid eyelid area as it is the most sensitive part of skin.

11. Is it suitable for guys?

Yes, epure mask is suitable for females and also males. For males, usually they don't have skin care routines like females. Therefore, epure mask is a fast method to take care of your skin once a while. 

These are the questions I can think of so far. Please leave your comment if you have any other question. :D

epure mask is definitely my favorite now and I don't have to jealous other girls' skin! XDD

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What's your opinion?

  1. I don't normally apply toner on my face, is it okay to apply the mask on a bare face?

  2. I don't normally apply toner on my face, is it okay to apply the mask on a bare face?

  3. Melanie - it is suggested to apply toner before any mask :)

  4. where can you buy that?

  5. May I know why my skin will feel itchy after applying the mask ?