Miss Selfridge Spring Summer 2013

Have to admit that I fall in love with Miss Selfridge's latest Spring Summer collection, all of em! As it's all about laces, daisies, etc.. I love those fancy and dreamy clothing especially when it comes to monochrome. For this collection, I have picked those are black or white, fyi I love white! As I think it's somehow related to clean and pure which is kind of my style. 

First outfit would be embroided mesh top. I love this top mix with a simple short pants, which does not overtake the elegance of the top. 

 I love the sleeve part, which makes me feel like a princess aww

 And the back is semi transparent, somewhat sexy and decent.

Paired with some simple accessories

Second haul from Miss Selfridge is pinafore dress with polka dot printed. At first I was like "so cute!" and I didn't have the first though to own it because of its cuteness, but I would like to give it a try! Showing two styles with the dress.

 First would be a lil sweet yet monochrome. 
I think it's fine for a petite girl like me. 

 Like the back of the dress too 

 Another outfit by the polka dot pinafore dress paired with a crop tee.
Simple yet stylish I supposed? XDDD


Third clothing from Miss Selfridge is the 3D daisy trim top, one of my favourite too. This time I have tried something different for this outfit, which is tie up my whole hair. omg it's my first time tied up my hair.

 Am I looking weird? lol
Paired with a black beaded shorts 

Fourth piece from Miss Selfridge, black lace crop top and cream boucle full frill skirt. Somehow I love this combination so decided to wear it together. 

 Clutch is a bonus 

 Love the daisies details on the top.

These pieces are my favourite picks! But there are still a lot of it that I wish to get lol. If you like one of the clothing here, don't forget to visit Miss Selfridge stores! Their clothes always selling fast especially the smallest size! Petite girls better hurry up! hehe

So what do you think of my styling post? 
How would you dress up for your Spring and Summer? Colors? Or details?
Welcome to leave comment and let me know what do you think! :)

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