Asiatique, Bangkok

I have been travelling a lot recently, so it's time to back to work and studies. It's Sunday but I am staying in because I've got eye infection! Oh no better hope it cures asap *fingers crossed*. Back to Bangkok again for the second time, this time was different, because it was my first time travelling abroad with girls! Yes, it was a girls' trip, shopping for our CNY!

Just came back from Hong Kong a week ago, but decided to blog about bkk first as I noticed quite a number of people (especially girls) like bkk trip. It's going to be a very long post so spare more time for this post! :)

Shuying, yours truly
 It's three person trip but Iris is sitting far from us so... selca time! 

Stayed in two different hotels this time as girls wanted to have a try. But I am gonna blog about the first hotel that we stayed, it was Grand Diamond Suites Hotel. The first bkk trip I went with my bf, the hotel that we were staying was Budacco, you can read the full post here

I seriously love this hotel, even though the design is decent, but it is just right beside Platinum Mall! Yes, RIGHT BESIDE THE PLATINUM MALL. So when we are lack of hand to carry the shopping bags, take back to hotel (not more than a min) then continue shop again! The hotel provides free wifi services but only limit for 2 devices a room so you'd better go buy sim card from 7-11, costs like around 299baht for 7 days unlimited internet online.

 The best part is, it has kitchen and living room inside the hotel room, we buy the oven-ready breakfast everyday and heat the food by oven provided as our hotel doesn't include breakfast, how nice! 

 The only thing I don't like is room's lighting, quite dim and I have to do the make-up in the bathroom. 

 Bathroom is big, provides bathtub side and shower room. 

You can visit their website for more information, But if you do want to book hotel, I would suggest book through or, as they offer the cheaper rate! 

View another two bkk hotels' reviews here.


Owing to the time we reached already around 7pm, we headed to Aisatique after that. Saw some reviews from bloggers, decided to pay a visit. From the hotel to the Asiatique by meter cab cost us not more than 150baht.

Asiatique, the Riverfront opening hours is 5pm till midnight. Basically it is a nice tourist attraction and shopping place.

 Seriously it catches our attention, it feels like another Straits Quay to me, but Asiatique is more to local heritage. 

 Tourist's picture

failed picture haha

 Local handicraft and souvenir

 Good that it has money exchange over there, but I would suggest to change it all in M'sia before that. 

 The clothes they're selling is not as cheap as Platinum Mall tho. 

 Dining place, many restaurants in the Asiatique.

 We girls have our dinner at a western restaurant, Iris & Shuying.


 Squid ink spaghetti (terrible decoration)

 Salmon pizza

Three of us! 

 Love this place feel so relax to be here. 

Ferris wheel in the Asiatique, "Asiatique sky"

The next day we came back to Asiatique again because we there were some places we haven't discover. 

 Had our dinner at MK restaurant, recommend! 

 Chill out places 

We took the free boat ride (round trip) for a sightseeing. But terrible thing happened, the boat dropped us at the other side of the wharf and that place was dark and quiet. Had been followed by few Thai kiddies and even stood beside us, kept looking at us and talked some Thai languages that we didn't understand! We asked for the way back to Asiatique but the guard seemed like didn't understand what we were talking. We were too scared as we thought of the news about the 13 years old kid trying to rape a lady. Immediately get into the boat once we found out the way back and the kiddies followed! Luckily they were a Thai that could speak English with a few Malay tourists. We asked for help in the boat and he helped us to warn them. Turned out those Thai kiddies thought that I was some Thai singer and he wanted to take picture. LOLLLLL!!!!!! Anyway please be careful if you want to get the free boat ride.

For more information, you can visit their website too.

Picture of us! 

Stay tune for my next post. ;)


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