Lancôme’s Hypnôse Star Hollywood Makeover Party

Today I am going to blog something that's fun and interesting, was my pleasure to get invited by Lancôme to the makeover party in conjunction with the new mascara, Hypnôse Star mascara featuring Betty Boop and Daria Werbowy. As for the party, every blogger has to dress up like their own Hollywood icons. To be honest, it makes me feel excited when I heard of the "Hollywood makeover" terms, firstly I like to have makeover, makeover could be very fun if you enjoy the process of searching for your costumes and make-up inspirations. I like to search for inspirations online because there are so many info! Of course! I like to try new make-up products and share with my readers, this is what a blogger always does haha. 

Video of Lancôme’s Hypnôse Star mascara with Betty Boop and Daria Werbowy

So who do you think I will dress up as? I personally like the Hollywood star that I've picked, of course because of her big and mysterious eyes. I admit that I've put effort on this makeover, searching for make-up tutorial and costume haha!

 My Hollywood icon, Amanda Seyfried!
The entire look is based on the movie, "in time"
It's a nice movie, watch it if you haven't! 

So happy that I have made new friends during the event as I went alone and was expecting to be alone, I am shy haha! But other bloggers are kind and sweet! 

Before our makeover, Shinyeee & yours truly 

 Going to makeover with the new Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara
 According to the description, this masara provides ultra-volume at the lash line for the sensous curve from root to tip.
There are two sides of the mascara, flat side build intense volume while round side creates spectacular curl.






Tadaaaaaaaa! Our transformations! 
 Wonder who's Shinyeee Hollywood star icon? Keep reading! 

 Adore her sharp features and charming eyes
  Hypnôse Star mascara does a great job I can tell, my lashes are fewer as I always stick the fake lashes, frankly I like the volume and curlness of the mascara.
The only bad thing is the mascara is hard to remove as it is waterproof one, so you might have to purchase their eye make-up remover, I heard it is good at removing waterproof mascara.

 Does her face matches my outfit? 

collaborative icon, Betty Boop.
Do we look alike? haha!
 Ashley Ahn, a gorgeous Koren mix girl! 

 Shinyeee as Selena Gomez and Ashley as Lana Del Rey
Both also have the similar make up and hairstyle!

 Kar Mern, who is younger than me! omg I am so so old now 

 Fatin as Beyonce
She is well-dressed for her icon too! 

Sweetie Jean as Emma Watson

 Us girls

 He's a brand manager who is a French.

 Lovely make-up artist

 Betty Boop cupcakes are served during the event.

 Don't you think the broken arm looks creepy? haha

 Lastly a group pictures of us, Thanks Lancôme for the invites!

In the end, I've gained lots of experiences from this makeover party. Not only learned about the new make-up skill, but also get to try the new Hypnôse Star mascara. Most importantly, make new friends! ;)

Visit their page for more information. 

 Cupcake, anyone? 

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