Party Rocking on Christmas Eve

2013 is coming real soon! Gosh, I'm not ready to accept it yet, the fact that I am growing older again as my birthday is in January. When the time you over 21, you wouldn't wish to grow older anymore. :( Anyway, did ya'll come out with your new year resolution already? Christmas has just passed yesterday. Speaking of Christmas Eve, I've spent my night in club like I mentioned on the last post. It was a sudden plan but I did enjoyed with my bf and babes. For the next Christmas party, I would say it's better to have a house party tho. Because it was freaking packed and crowded inside the club! 

Let's the pictures do the talking then! ;)

 My babes! Monie and Joey *love*

 Shuying, Monie, yours truly, Daphne, Joey

 Everyone look pretty in this photo but babe Monie closed her eyes! haha!

Couple pic, Joey and her bf

Another couple, Karmen and bf! 

 Bf and his friends

Yong Hao

Babe Shuying *love*

 Babe Karmen *love*

 My boyfriend *love*

Outfit of the night
Beige tube top from forever21
Black tut tut skirt from H&M
Gold glitter pumps from online boutique
H&M clutch
Kitty hairband from Pe'Miracle

Anyway, Happy Boxing Day to my readers!


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