[Adv] Samsung Launch of Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition

Holla! So I am here to blog about the launch of Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition! Told ya I am going! Samsung Super Sweet BFF Party held at GSC, pavilion couple days ago. And it took me a few minutes to find the entrance. Because it was located at level 6.

Look at the super adorable entrance! I actually spotted myself when I was searching for the entrance downstairs.

Dolled up myself with pink and white coordinates because there were best dressed to win the Hello Kitty phones!

Outfit of the day
Pearl top from coupederobes
shorts from bkk
Lady Dior bag

 Tagging my BFF to the party! He's my bf and also my BFF! :D
Who said bf can't be BFF? 
Sadly he couldn't enjoy the privileges that provided by Samsung Malaysia!

The privileges are specially designed for girls, provided girls' pampering corner including manicure, face and hair makeover, air-brush tattoo and so on! All of em using were Hello Kitty's theme! How could you resist it Kitty lovers? 

 Hair styling corner

 Make up corner

 Meet Kelly! She's doing the Hello Kitty air-brush tattoo!

 Wilee and Casey! Wilee is doing her sweet Kitty nails.

 Kitty Ashley 

 And 2 sweet girls! Nana and Povy! *I look so not sweet!*

Of course Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition were showing in the launch. It is a sweet companion to keep in touch with your BFF! I personally not a super huge fans of Kitty, but it makes me wanted to get one with its soft color and of course my favourite white! How good if I could have one with my BFF and carrying the same phone, Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition, with all those customized Hello Kitty features! *love*

 With Kitty lovers

 Nana, Natalie, Ashley, Jane, yours truly

Audrey & Cheesie are the best dressed judges

Apparently, there were a lot of people who deserve the best dressed. Many of em dressed up with Hello Kitty logo outfits and some of em even got their Kitty make-up on! Impressive! 

 All food served in pink, I think I was overloaded with pink and white colors during the event. Aww! 
 Sweet sweet mashmallow 


A mini fashion show provided by Samsung Malaysia during the event.

I had my try on the hair and face makeover after the show! 

 Nice hairdo? hehe
Planning to do a make up tutorial after finals. Let me know how many of you are interested? :)

 Bendan km 


Samsung Malaysia was being so sweet, we also got invited to watch the 3D screening of animated fantasy-adventure film, Rise of the Guardians! I always love animation movie and get to spend time with my BFF too! 

 The warmest thing is we saw one box of popcorn and coke placing in every seat once we entered! At first I thought is a phone! haha!

Goodies got from the event! *love*

Lastly, a good new to you! Have you heard of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town which is located at Johor? Do you want to get an exclusive VIP trip to there? Samsung is having a competition now and the grand prize is win the VIP trip for four! All you need to do is purchase the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition from any of the outlets stated (http://www.facebook.com/notes/samsung-mobile-malaysia/samsung-sep-list/420026001372526) then you might have a chance to win it! 

Check out Samsung Galaxy Y hello Kitty for more information. 


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  2. Hi! Where did you buy your phone?

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