KDU Registration Week with JinnyboyTV

Last week, I managed to attend KDU Registration Week before heading back to hometown. KDU is a hub with students from over 45 countries throughout the world and spiritual youths from diverse cultures, come here to acquire the knowledge and skills in order to make them a well-trained person in the future. KDU keeps providing best environment for students and all this time they never stop improving and producing good learning experiences to the students. 

Dragged my bf along because there is an interview session with JinnyboyTV. I think most of you heard of them right? They're well-known of making fun local videos in YouTube and one of their famous videos is the Gangnam Style Parody - KL Style (click in) featuring Hitz.fm DJs, JJ, Ean, etc.. I started to know them since this video and I actually love their videos! Because all of em are so hilarious and so Malaysian! 

Throughout the interview, they were talking about how JinnyboyTV started and their stories. I actually quite amazed of the zero-budget production they have because every video they came out is high quality and can even compete with other professional productions. Jin is one of the Hitz.fm DJ, he has a sense of humour, we laughed all the time during the interview session!

Besides, JinnyboyTV shared with us about their difficult times during video making. To show their genuine and enthusiastic toward video making, they even went to Melbourne to produce good videos for their loyal subscribers.

Why JinnyboyTV exists? Jin thinks that his idol, Lee Hom inspired him to pursue his dream, by not giving up and go for the dreams. While Reuben thinks that his inspiration comes from Walt Disney. He loves how fantastic and perfect is the Walt Disney brought to him.

They're coming out a new video soon and we've the priority to watch the sneak peek first! [Hint] Greyson Chance is in the video too! 

You may check out their website to know more! :)

JinnyboyTV's fans page - http://www.facebook.com/jinnyboytv

JinnyboyTV's website - http://www.jinnyboytv.com/

A picture with JinnyboyTV

Anyway, KDU University College's academic strength is to produce work-ready graduates who are grounded with a strong foundation in character and knowledge in their specialization. They offer a range of programmes too.

Lovely door gifts! Thanks! 

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