Beauty Surprises: A Blind Date with The Lilac Box

Has anyone subscribed to any beauty boxes? It's quite popular in this society lately. Beauty box is you'll get a box of beauty surprises every month when you subscirbe to it. You pay money to get a box of beauty products, sounds reasonable. But how do we know if it's worth to subscribe? Lately, I've found a website which is The Lilac Box. 

The Lilac box, an online subscription-based sampling programme. Something that makes The Lilac Box outstanding is, they deliver handpicked premium beauty and cosmetic samples in a box every month directly to subscribers. The brands they carried are Burberry Beauty, Roberto Cavalli, Chloé, StriVectin, Roberto Cavalli, Kérastase, Calvin Klein, Redken, Marc Jacobs, DeCléor and many more. The Lilac Box contains only premium products. If a brand can be found in a pharmacy or drugstore, you will never find it in The Lilac Box. Ever! 

Something interesting about The Lilac Box is, The name ‘The Lilac Box’ was chosen because ‘The Lavender Box’ is too long. lol!

 This is how The Lilac Box looks like. Simple yet elegant.

The Lilac Box in 8 words, "For beauty lovers: Blind date in a box", subscribers of The Lilac Box anticipate and eagerly wait for the arrival of The Lilac Box every month, and are constantly surprised by what they find, as they do not know the contents of the beauty box. It lets subscribers discover and experience 4 or 5 different products every month via samples, and allows them to buy the full-size product at a huge discount if they like what they tried.

The launch date of The Lilac Box is February 2013 (Valentine's Day), I can't wait to get mine and shall blog about it! The price is reasonable at RM35 per box, subscribers enjoy savings when they subscribe for 3 or 6 months. 

I've summarized the whole points of basically what you'll get if you subcribe to The Lilac Box, I am so good so please read! hehe

  • You get handpicked deluxe-sized beauty samples from premium brands.
  • You get to exclusively test new and interesting brands in the comfort of their own homes, without the hassle of a salesperson breathing down their necks.
  • You get grooming tips, how-to videos and up-to-date beauty news direct from the very companies that provide these samples.
  • You can buy the full size product if they like the samples, and will enjoy huge discounts, available only to The Lilac Box subscribers.
  • You know where and how to get the products they like.
  • You earn points when they submit product reviews, which entitle them to a free box

 And a good news to my readers, register yourself and you'll get a surprise free gift from The Lilac Box! The freebie is either Burberry Beauty, Chloé or Calvin Klein. The redemption for  is till Chloé is until 31st of December 2012, Calvin Klein's redemption till 15th of January 2013 and Burberry Beauty one is till 28th of February 2013. Be quick to grab yours!

I've just redeemed mine today, I picked Chloé anyway. Hehe

Register now at to get more information. 



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