Bangkok Trip Part 2

If you're travelling bkk for the first time, you should get the free tours offered by hotel! It's quite worth as they offer free ride and free guide tour for the trip. One more thing is, there are limited people for a trip so no need to worry about it would be too many people joining. However, ticket is not included in the package. So maybe your tour guide would ask the ticket money from you. So our last bkk trip, we booked the tour guide to 3 well-known temples and luckily it was only both of us! 

Outfit of the day
Crop top from coupederobes (again!)
long tank dress

The first temple we pay visit was Wat Traimit, the Temple of Golden Buddha. Wat Traimit is famous of its 3-metre tall, 5.5 tons 18 Carat solid gold Buddha image. The Buddha at Wat Traimit was discovered by accident when it was accidentally dropped as it was being moved, revealing, under a casing of plaster, a beautiful solid gold Sukhothai style Buddha. Pieces of the plaster are still kept on display.

Present King of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej
He is the world's longest reigning monarch!

So this is the large Golden Buddha in the temple.
 In the past, artisans crafted the Buddhas in gold and disguised them from invading armies by a covering of stucco and plaster.

 Tourist typical pose 

 There are several pray spots are for donations purposed.
For example, depends on which birthday was born and throw a coin to make a wish.

 Bought a cage of birds to release them!

 At the same time, I feel pity of them. As I know for sure they'll catch the birds back and let others to free the birds. :(

So hot I keep hiding under shadow! 

The second temple we visited was Wat Pho, the Temple of Reclining Buddha. It's the largest temple in Bangkok and famed for its huge and majestic reclining Buddha measured 46 metres long and covered in gold leaf. The Buddha's feet are 3 metres long and exquisitely decorated in mother-of-pearl illustrations of auspicious 'laksanas' (characteristics) of the Buddha. The temple is also known as a birthday place of Thai massage.

 This is the Reclining Buddha, hard to capture the whole Buddha.
And sorry I have to use Ultraman icon to cover other visitors' faces haha!

 The 3 metres high and 4.5 metres long foot of Buddha displays are inlaid with mother-of-pearl. They are divided into 108 arranged panels, displaying the auspicious symbols by which Buddha can be identified like flowers, dancers, white elephants, tigers and altar accessories.

 108 bronze bowls in the corridor indicating the 108 auspicious characters of Buddha. People drop coins in these bowls as it is believed to bring good fortune, and to help the monks maintain the wat. 

Our tour guide didn't make it to bring us to the third temple, which was Wat Benchamabopit, the Marble Temple because she said it was closed on that day due to the ceremony. So they dropped us at Chatuchak Market after that. Yay!

But I'd only took a picture of Chatuchak Market because I was busying shopping around and it was so hot! 

We took Tuk Tuk to Siam Paragon after that. Actually I've heard a lot of people saying that Tuk Tuk is cheaper and more convenient than the cab. But from what I've experienced, I would suggest to take cab. Firstly, it's because of the air pollution. Tuk Tuk is not small-sized as the motorbike as you know Tuk Tuk has pessenger seat that can fits into around 4 people. That's why during jamming hour Tuk Tuk can't overtake the vehicles and so, we have to stuck in the jam too. I'd even stuck behind of a bus and the those pollutants kept coming out from bus! Gosh, some more bkk is forever-jam-place. Secondly it's because of the price. I found that actually cab by metre is cheaper than Tuk Tuk! Yes! It's cheaper than Tuk Tuk because we are tourists. But it must be metred cab! This is my suggestion, let me know how you think about the transport in bkk? :)

MOS burger is a must in bkk because M'sia doesn't have it! 

 Happily enjoying my burger hehe

I went to Siam Ocean World which is located in Siam Paragon too!

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