Mom 520

Mother's Day already passed, but I would like to share my innermost feelings that you might don't know. My mom, I think she's the greatest person in this world. She treats everyone so good, no matter how bad the person is, how fake the person is, she treats em with her kindness. I think mom believed that good person will get good return, which seems so untrue to me. That's why I feel that sometimes I am more like her mom, advising her not to be like this not to be like that, I think she also getting sick of my words lol.

After the incident, I know my mom is trying so hard to stay positive. My heart aches everytime I see she cries. I know the loss of brother is a tradegy to our family members, we are so miserable, especially my parents. In this incident, it makes me feel myself so incapable of many things, I can't help reduce my parents' burden and I can't help em to ease their sadness. I can't help em with their business due to my study and I can't help em to do so many things... The only thing I can do now is, try to go back to hometown as many as I can, call em almost everyday, text em almost every night... I don't know if these help but it's the only thing I can do.. 

So I back again during Mother's Day. 

I really wish to see you smile like this everyday..

I love my family so much coz I understand that family is the most important part in my life. 

What's your opinion?