My blog hasn't been updating for almost a month, I know it's a bad thing for a blogger but recently, there are too many things happened. The most inconsolable thing is, my brother has forever gone in my life... The one that I always talk about, my beloved elder brother. Till now, I still can't accept that he left us. Thing happened too sudden and I blame on God, why you took away a person who is always kind and treats everyone good... I always tell my friends that how good my brother was and how he treated me, how he consoled me during my hard time.. how great a person he could be and he is my family, the most important part in my life.. Before the incident, I always think that it wouldn't happen around me, and when things happened, so unbelievable that I just feel that my bro is still in this world. I am wondering, where is my brother now and what he's doing there? Can anyone answer me? 

Another thing that makes me upset is the failure of change of government on Malaysia's General Election 2013. I feel sad about what they have commeneted about our Chinese and saying that we are racist. It is very obvious that people are trying to incite racial hatred and we should not get fool by them! We chinese never want to invade the country, because we are Malaysian. All these years, goverment has been promoted 1Malaysia to us, different ethnicity but who is actually having dicrimination and racism? It doesn't matter who is our government, we just want a clean and fair election. We just want our country to be free from corruption and authoritarianism. 

I am going to the assembly tonight for anti-fraud by Anwar Ibrahim. So see you tonight!

Da ge, I miss you so so much and I promise that I will take care of mom, dad and your son. You and Pipi will be forever in my heart.. 

What's your opinion?

  1. be strong dear... all these life challenges will make you stronger and bolder. Jia you! *BIG hug*

  2. Feel really sorry for you. Deepest condolences to you and your family. I wanted to attend Anwar Ibrahim's talk today too but the traffic jam was horrifying massive! Did you manage to reach Kelana Jaya Stadium in time?

    Celyx Lim

  3. I feel sorry for the loss of your brother..
    Please do take good care of yourself...
    May him rest in peace...

  4. Deepest condolences to you and your family.*HUG*

  5. celyx - thanks dear. I went out at 8smth but still manage to get inside luckily. just can't really see Anwar and barely heard his voice lol