L'As du Fallafel, Paris

Back to my Europe trip which was a year ago, I still haven't blog about Paris and London. T.T

I have too many things to blog, but I hope I can finish Europe trip post asap (as soon as possible). 

So when I was travelling around Paris, we don't really eat expensive food, though everything in Paris is expensive. But thanks to internet, we found a good restaurant with affordable price but it's not local food, it's traditional Arab food, sounds interesting right? Usually my boyfriend is kind of person who doesn't try on unique food, only stick to western food or chinese food most of the time. But I glad that he fond of it too once he tried out! 

 Walking on the street.
found building which is very ancient.

This is the famed shop, L'As du Fallafel

Once we reached there, we saw many people were standing while enjoying their food. I was thinking, so this is the famous fallafel uh? The restaurant was small, it was full of people when we walked in. Luckily there was a table for us, we started to look at the menu, our face were like "OMG". 

 It's French language which we have no idea at all. 
I actually tried google translate while looking at the menu lol. 

We asked for recommendations from waiter but he seemed like didn't understand our words. So I tried google about the review too, from the review, we ordered fallafel special and another dish I think should be Assiette Fallafel complet (forget the name). 

 Fallafel special
Fortunately it didn't disappoint me!
The fallafel balls are yummy and beyond my expectation!
And I like how it mixes with other salad and hot sauce. 
Strongly recommended!

 Assiette Fallafel complet
 This dish is absolutely delicious too as it mixes with fallafel balls.
I like the sauces so much but I forget what's that. :(

Some people may surprised to see asians dine in here. 
I must say that internet is really a good invention! 

Anyone who would like to visit this Arabian restaurant in Paris, here's the address. 

 L'As du Fallafel
34 Rue des Rosiers, 
75004 Paris, France.
Operation hour:
Sunday to Friday - 11.00 am to 12.00 am
Saturday - closed
Transit: Saint Paul

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