[Adv] Unilever - Wall's Selection (Teaser)

Has anyone noticed how hot the weather has become lately? I can take a walk to my car outside and come back indoors with a sweaty forehead, and my face gets so oily so soon! >.< My remedy to this hot blazing weather? Gulp down a lot of water and every girls’ best friend – ice cream! *screams* 

I love ice cream, and I mean it. Who could ever resist taking a huge bite of icy cold, milky ice cream on a hot day like this? It is my ultimate comfort food for both good and bad day. I think if there’s a list of my favourite things, I’d say ice cream should be right at the top for me.

When I was younger, my dad always takes me out for ice cream whenever I do well in school, or when I have a bad day. It never fails to make me happy, even if it was only the simplest Cornetto cone; it used to only be a few ringgit, yet it always put a smile on my face. This made me realize how something so pure, so simple and so awesome can bring me so much peace.

To my delight, I’ve found out that Wall’s is introducing two completely new flavours soon and I really can’t wait to know what the awesome mix is going to be! I stumbled across this possibly most adorable mini game on wall’s microsite and I nearly laughed myself silly toying around with the game!

As you can see, you have to guess the combination of flavours, with the box on the left consisting of either milk or ice cream. The box on the right consists of various ingredients that can be mixed with the ice cream. How cute is that?!?! Well, I sure hope the new flavour isn’t cucumber ice cream! D:

Egg flavoured ice cream? Not my thing, please! 

My guess is that it has something to do with Oreo. Ooo yummy Oreo!
Aww man! Close but not close enough. >.< 

Guess we’ll only be able to find out when they announce it officially. I’ve never been so excited for a new ice cream flavor, until I tried their latest Wall’s Selection range. It was so good it makes me salivate just thinking about them now!  

I can’t wait to be swept off my feet by Wall’s once again, but now, let me quickly go grab some ice cream from the freezer. Toodles!

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