Sirocco Sky Bar & Red Sky, Bangkok

There are several rooftop bars in Bangkok, to me rooftop bar is a must-visit-place when you visit bkk. As different rooftop bars provide amazing views of bkk from the rooftop of different angles. I actually think that the existence of rooftop bars help tourism to grow, as I would never missed out the beautiful views of different counties that I've been to before. I love watching the view from a high level especially at night, enjoying a good drink at the same time.

 Boyfriend is my travel partner always! *love*

This time, I've chosen the Sirocco Sky Bar, Lebua State Tower. I did some research before the trip and I always wanted to pay a visit to this place because of the architecture! I like the dome and the view of rooftop and the design of every details. Sky bar is located at 63th floor of The Dome at State Tower, one of the highest open air bars in the world. There is a dresscode to enter the The Dome, smart casual is compulsory. So gentlemen, don't forget to change your slippers or short pants after a long-day shopping. :)

Sky bar is actually right in front of the dome.

Honestly, I felt a lil disappointed, because it was too crowded! And we were only allow to take picture when we were at bar. Others than bar, no photo at staircase (which shows the best angle of the dome!), nearby dome.. ONLY BAR! Unless you're going to have dinner over there. I did try to capture it secretly, but there were too many servers keep their watchful eyes on us. So yeah... managed to get one or two. :(

This is basically how the sky bar looks like. 

The area is small and we could only stand, so we barely found a decent place to take picture.

 The helpful waiter is helping us to take tourist pic

 Because of the breathtaking view, I temporarily forget about the ill feeling of crowd.

Pretending that I like the cocktail lol

It's not the end yet! Because of the crowd, so we decided to move to another rooftop bar, Red Sky! Red Sky is located at 55th floor of Centara Grand at Central World. Even though it did not offer a treetop views or riverside views like Sky bar did, but it has pretty amazing 360-degree panoramic vista. 

 There is a stage for Jazz band but I think we're too late for it?

 Unique table 

 One of my hauls in bkk

 They only allowed us to sit upstairs because the server said bar there is for dine in. Really?
The view would be nicer if sitting down there. 

We took cab to both of the rooftop bars which didn't cost us more than RM20. They said there will be double charges after midnight but I didn't experience that in bkk. Like I mentioned on last bkk post, go for metred cab!

Outfit of the night
Crop off jumpsuit from coupederobes

Going to bkk again in few days time! Will finish my bkk posts before that! ;)

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