Review: Unico Skin Care

Choosing a right skin care product is very important, as a bad skin care product will affects your skin condition, indirectly causes bad emotion too. Who wish to go out with a bad skin condition? To have a good skin, it's not an easy task, you have to take care of your skin everyday.

My skin is not perfect like the celebrity, however I am proud of my skin. Even though I have acne-free skin, some skin problems I am having are dark circles, blackheads and whiteheads. Glad to received skin care products from Unico Store half month ago, they chose the products according to my skin problem. I've tried their products personally, the products that I've received are Physio Clean Gel, Whitening Tonic Lotion, Pore Reduction Drop and Euphoria HA Water Sleeping Pack

Physio Clean Gel

An intensive cleaning that gentlely removes dead skin cells, excess oil, surface impurities and other debris without stripping skin's natural moisture balance. Physio clean gel contains soft particles that provides good exfoliation and deep moisture. This product is sutable for any skin type. The products they sent me have good smell, so I don't need to worry about the scent. To me, physio clean gel works well in removing the dead skin cells. I don't use it frequently because of the small particles, around 3 times a week. I love the scent while I'm massaging my face, it's very important to me because a good scent makes me relax. 

Whitening Tonic Lotion

Unico's Whitening Tonic Lotion promotes more radiant skin tone, provides brightening, anti-flammatory and mosturizing benefits. Their whitening tonic lotion is mild and alcohol-free. I don't use whitening tonic lotion before, and I've given a first try on Unico's. I personally think that it is fine and I love the texture, it leaves fresh and cool effect on my skin. As mostly the tonic lotion that have whitening effect will leaves sticky feel on skin which I really don't like it. 

For those who wish to try on whitening products and dislike sticky feeling, you can give a try on this product. 

Pore Reduction Drop

 Pore Reduction Drop's functions almost same as the physio clean gel, but this one no need rinse off. It contains unique formulation, helps to shrink pores visibly by drawing out the excess oils and deeply exfoliating impurities like dead skin cells that are built up inside the pore in order to promote the growth of new skin cells. It also reduces the look of obvious pore structure of the skin. Not only that, this products also prevent dehydration that causes wrinkles and fine lines formation, and moisturizes and nourishes skin. Sounds incredible right? So to me this is a must-try item, especially for those who who have lage pores. 


 HA Water Sleeping Pack

Sleeping mask! I like sleeping mask because usually I feel lazy to apply skin care products after remove make-up. Most of the girls have the same thought too right? So sleeping mask is one of my favourite skin care products. HA Water Sleeping Pack contains hyaluronic acide which has powerful moisturizing effect, hydrates skin during our sleeping time. I like the color and scent because it is kind of lavendar and smells good! Most importantly, it's not sticky type so I love it! 

 Bring it along for my bkk trip! 

To me, it is very important to have a good skin, because it looks healthier and clean, people with good skin will look more attractive over those who don't have. So start taking care of your skin now!

Log onto their website to get more information. :)

ps:/ tmr is my big day!

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