Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Bangkok

To be frank, to me floating market is like those sellers sitting on the boats and selling their items while us, tourists are walking on the side path. But, I was wrong! This was my first time to bkk and for sure, floating market is a must-go-place. 

Seriously, I never thought that I must take the boat to experience the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. People who're close to me, they knew I've aqua phobia. I'm afraid of going into the sea or river or being in the middle of the WATER! Especially those with greenish color or water that can't see through the underneath. So it was a huge challenge to me! Woke up at 5am and it took us few hours to reach the destination. 

Alright, I admit I was scared in this photo.

 I feel that I'm so near to the greenish water.. so scary!

 Entering Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

I actually started to feel calm when entering the small path of river because it seemed fine and many boats blocking each other. 

There were selling hand-crafted items of Thailand and local food on the boats and along the path. 

 My bf doesn't like this place. lol

 Me either, because I bought nothing here. :p

Then, the tour guide brought us to the elephant village. And we had our first elephant ride in bkk. 

 Feeding the elephant while walking along the path.

 And here you go, water again. OMG

 Trying to pull out a smile on the sunny day. 

Now I actually feel bad for getting the elephant ride, because they are treated cruelly, walking without rest for hours on the same routine path...

Visited aquarium in Siam Paragon on the last day before leaving.

I feel that all living things are looking sad..

 Spider crab

 Observing the shark's sharp teeth 

 First time seeing hammer shark.

Zebra says, bye. :)


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