Early Lou Sang 2013

Catch a time to meet up with my babes few days ago at Pavilion. We had our early lou sang at Ichiban Boshi. Actually we were celebrating for my belated birthday as well, and I'd received lovely pressie from em! Especially the handmade card! Shall post up here next time! Monie, Joey, and Susien, thank you so much! Love you girls!

 Lou Sang for 2-3 person
It's yummy compared with the one I had in Sushi Zanmai last year.

me: HUAT ah!

Later on, karaoke session! My all-time-favourite activity! I could sing up to 7 hours no kidding. 

pretty Susien *love*

 pretty Joey *love*

pretty Monie *love*

Pretty babes 

 Outfit of the day
 Crochet top from bkk
Arm Candy: Casio BabyG BLX-5600-4
neon bracelet

BabyG BLX-5600-4 
Love this color so much!

Visit https://www.facebook.com/CasioTimepieceMalaysia for more information! ;)

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