Taiwan Day 5


Last day of our trip in Taiwan! And today we'd planned to go Mr J's restaurant which is located in Taipei Medical University.





This restaurant served French-Italian food. The ambiance was relaxed and decent. Jay's pieces were everywhere in the cafe.



His hairstyle did by 乱剪salon ;D



Food was somehow out of my expectation. Surprisingly it was so-so and we couldn't finish it.



Took a pic with the lovely waitress

And our shot before left

Our next destination, Taipei 101! I remembered I did the research of it for assignment. ;D


Inside the lift

Couldn't get a good picture due to the weather.

Guess what is this?


It's dumper baby!

Adorable! ;D


There are actually 4 types of damper babies, Cool Black, Rich Gold, Lucky Red and Smart Silver. ;)



And this is the wind damper, used to stabilize the skyscraper and reduce the effect of earthquake.


Taiwan trip ends and next is Macau!


What's your opinion?